Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 3: So Cute in The Coffee Shop


Without a school in site, this anime is far more fun when focusing on these characters in their everyday lives. What did you think?


For a third episode, this anime really gave us what it has done best so far. The interactions of the characters in the coffee shop and in the garden. While the garden was a school club event, it really could have just been a group of friends with a shared interest, so the transferring into the school thing is still kind of the low point for this series. That said, this episode works really well as it is mostly narrated through the lens of the cat and that makes what might otherwise be fairly mundane goings on fairly interesting. Helped along by the sparkle power of the characters.


While we get some back story on the main four in the group, learning that Teresa has always been a bit of an air head, Ijuin has always been an idiot, Alec has always looked after Teresa, and Tada has always been stoic and amazing at everything, there’s still plenty to learn about these characters and so far the flash backs haven’t been intrusive but have felt like we’re slowly learning about a new friend. This anime isn’t amazing, but it is working well enough and I left this episode feeling pretty positive about it.

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17 thoughts on “Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 3: So Cute in The Coffee Shop

    1. I think I preferred the direction this took to what I was expecting which was more school and club room stuff. I know they were taking photos for the club, but it really didn’t have that usual club vibe.

    1. So far it is okay. Hopefully it focuses on the non-school stuff because there just doesn’t seem any reason to have transferred into the school.

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