Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 13: Who Needs Reality?


Watching this episode I was impressed by how seriously the anime seemed to be taking the story and then we get the post credits scene and Tada Doesn’t Fall In Love officially takes the path of least resistance in the name of happy endings despite common sense.


From a logical point of view it is very easy to be snarky about this final episode of Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love. And yet, the romance fan within me couldn’t help but be happy that they decided to forego reality and brought the two together at the very end. Of course, there’s no reason why it will work out for a happily ever after given Teresa is still a Princess. I mean, why does she no longer need a body guard? Who just lets the Princess of their country flit off unattended? While the anime also insinuates that Charles and Alec might get together, that seems equally unlikely given their relative stations so while it seems sweet and all, realistically it isn’t all that plausible.


The ending was always going to make or break this story and to be honest, this ending makes this show a pretty standard romance in the vein of Roman Holiday. It has some smile worthy moments and a few moments that brings us tears, but ultimately, this final episode tells us that this anime is all just fairly standard. While it wants to deal with real human drama, it doesn’t want to do that at the expense of its feel good moments, and so we’ll get an ending that emotionally satisfies even as logic is completely ignored. Still, I had fun with this title this season and I’m glad I watched it through. I’ll get to a full season review soon.

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4 thoughts on “Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 13: Who Needs Reality?

  1. I was getting my hopes up that maybe, just maybe this show would not have a happy ending but more of a bittersweet one, but nah they had to go with the happy end despite where everything was heading. They probably just didn’t want people to be upset with the ending if they made it like that, but honestly it would’ve been better had they just gone with a more bittersweet end. Oh well.

  2. Yah… They seemed to be headed for a very fitting bittersweet ending, then *boom*. Ruined what little chance they had to reach as high as average.

    1. I think this is perfectly average. It didn’t seem to aim any higher and it lost what chance it had to leave a lasting impact with that ending. But it is all very classic hollywood and fairly consistent in how it was delivered.

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