Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 12: Who Stole Teresa’s Smile?


While this episode felt overly drawn out, the emotions being conveyed are very real. Tada and Teresa are both hurt by circumstance as truths are finally revealed in Episode 12 of Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love.


After 11 episodes of watching Teresa smile and be exuberant about life, seeing her this episode was kind of painful as she is resigned to the life she knows she needs to live. her confrontation with Alex over her feelings for Charles, her discussion with Tada, and finally watching her cry in her bed are all fairly heartbreaking. And that’s what this episode did very well. it brought the emotion of the moment. We also see this with Tada as he leaves a little shell shocked and finally, finally, we see him cry.


However, there’s a lot of downtime in this episode with the scene at the airport dragging on overly long, sightseeing through Larsenberg, and even the flashes to the crew in Japan, all just feel unnecessary to the story being constructed and made this episode feel overly long. It isn’t enough to stop this from being a pretty good episode, but it does stop it from being a great episode.

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4 thoughts on “Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 12: Who Stole Teresa’s Smile?

    1. It definitely felt like they didn’t quite have enough material for 13 episodes. This really dragged at times and as much as the emotional moments were well done, so much of this episode could have been, and should have been, trimmed.

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