Taboo Tattoo Episode 8


Two episodes of fighting and to be perfectly frank I still don’t know what any of the character’s actually hoped to achieve and I’m glad I didn’t bother trying to remember any of the new character’s names and attributes because they were introduced only to become cannon fodder. Oh, and the very cheap let’s kill the childhood friend did not cause shock or tears or any emotional response other than a momentary face palm because clearly that was where they were going. She had no purpose in the entire scenario. There was no reason for the military to take her with them. No reason for her to be wandering around on the battle field. And as soon as she decided to run away from the guy who was supposed to be evacuating her any doubt that she was about to become the ‘innocent’ victim that would somehow make this battle have some sort of meaning was kind of gone.

Just in case you didn’t pick up on this, I really, really wish I had dropped this anime way back when. I’m committed to the end now but I get the feeling I’m just going to be throwing rocks at it rather than being objective because it has really managed to annoy me at this point. Being overly generic in episodes 1 and 2 was tolerable. Increasingly becoming incomprehensible and having characters refuse to explain things because you just feel like being ambiguous is something else. Killing off characters nobody cares about is lazy and if you wanted the childhood friend to die tragically at least make it a real tragedy and not an act of blind stupidity.

One positive: Izzy’s wound doesn’t magically disappear. She is actually scarred (and without her left arm ) after the battle. Too bad Seigi is protected from injuries after being impaled because of plot.

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13 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo Episode 8

    1. In terms of so bad I was oging to laugh at it, I preferred Lost Village last season. This one is not even making me smile. That said, I guess watching Seigi being repeatedly impaled kind of made up for some of the plot.

      1. Well, Lost Village had something to it. This one basically falls flat on it’s face. I’m glad you also enjoyed Seigi’s impalement. Maybe I’m not such a bad person after all. Ha.

  1. LOL I watched ep 7 and 8 back to back and honestly I should have dropped it at ep 7. It annoyed me so much that all this “war” was so obviously just a death trap. I continued to ep 8 simply because the ep was there and hardly paid attention to anything. I cared about Burns for a brief moment and Touko legit got shafted later on. They even changed the ending to fully get rid of her XD

    Honestly, at this point all I can say is that this show never knew what it was going for and it’s clear by the execution of the story. I myself tossed the review of this show. It’s just not worth it if all I’ll give is full rage since there’s nothing to redeem it at this point. Picking this show up was the real taboo of it.

    1. I think rather that a full series review I am going to end up doing a rant about just how many things this show managed to do wrong. I’ll probably have to redraft a couple of times so that it actually ends up being a review but seriously, this show is terrible.

  2. I’m also starting to regret picking this show now. To me, this is another generic-ass action edgelord show with an inconsistent tone of being either too goofy to be serious or too dark to be enjoyable.

    Also, I don’t even hate or like Touko (she was meh) but for real…that was the dumbest way to kill off someone and I’m starting to dislike that scenario when it comes off as doing it for the sake of a cheap emotional response. I hated that when Akame ga Kill did it, I hate it when SAO did it and now this is on the shitlist of that as well.

      1. Actually, to me, even Akame and SAO failed to do that considering I didn’t give a shit about most of the characters on either show and the emotional resonance in there is paper thin.

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