Taboo Tattoo Episode 7


I’m definitely thinking that I need to do a comparison post of Taboo Tattoo with something else. This week it tries to bring the characters some pain, but unlike D Gray Man or Tokyo Ghoul where my heart genuinely moves for the characters and I await with my breath caught in my throat to see if they will come through that torture and still be themselves, I watched Seigi get pinned to a wall and skewered, Izzy have her arm crushed, and countless characters mercilessly slaughtered, and I felt nothing. Actually, I felt vaguely bored and found my thoughts constantly drifting to other things (like what else I could watch). Here’s the thing, Taboo Tattoo sounds great when you go through the story and the things the characters encounter, but the execution just leaves you wondering why they are even bothering.

Oh, and they definitely need to get a new writer for the sexual innuendo. Seriously. If you are going to include it at least make it vaguely clever or amusing. Most of the lines this episode just left me staring at the screen wondering if the translators had all just given up.

Taboo Tattoo is available on Crunchyroll (but I wouldn’t recommend it).

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