Taboo Tattoo Episode 5


So this show kind of sucks but I haven’t dropped it. This week, in addition to an overly extended fight sequence that relies more on spectacle than actual combat, we get some fairly off-putting remarks directed as Izzy before Princess whats-her-name shows up and kisses Seigi, Schrödinger, and then drops a few major plot changing comments before disappearing. But oh no, she comes back for a table-tennis game, a grope session with childhood friend girl, and then repeats plot changing comments before saying she won’t say anymore unless Seigi joins her side. Everything about this show is lazy. The set up, the plot twists, the delivery, and even the characters themselves are commenting on the cliché set-ups as Izzy has now moved in to Seigi’s house.

The question to ask I suppose is why haven’t I dropped it. I think part of me just wants to see whether this train wreck is complete or whether they try to salvage something from the smoking remains. Morbid curiosity is about all that remains at this point because any hope I had for an improvement in this show has now faded.

Taboo Tattoo is available on Crunchyroll.

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