Taboo Tattoo Episode 12


This is going to be difficult. Let’s just go straight to the end and skip over the absolute non-sense of Seigi being dragged out of the cave, the cave being blown up by the Princess having a tantrum after Izzy landed a hit, Seigi jumping out of a helicopter and somehow catching a falling Izzy (thought I do not know how or why she was falling particularly when the other guy ended up buried), and then the fact that we are now going to a giant monster fight for a finale. Let’s skip all that.

Let’s just focus on the fact that the episode is called The Deciding Battle and then nothing is decided. Seigi makes some half-hearted remarks about carrying on BB’s will and being able to see clearly and a whole bunch of others in amongst fight sequences that are completely dull and so detached from the characters that any care you may have carried into this episode will quickly dissipate. The one thing Seigi says that makes sense is that he would be completely useless along and to be honest he’s completely useless regardless of who is with him. Anyway, individual character epiphanies aside, Seigi goes to land the decisive blow (leaving the monstrous form behind somehow even though it was imposed on him externally apparently he can just jump out of it) and the Princess runs away.

What is decided by that?

Then after the credits we get a preview of something but is there a season 2 because according to MAL this anime had 12 episodes and is now finished airing. And wow, if there is a season 2 there is no way I am putting myself through that. The last time I am touching this is in a whole season review and then I am going to firmly remove it from my memory (much like Big Order from last season).

Taboo Tattoo is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo Episode 12

  1. It seems I was lucky when I decided to wait to see what others thought about the series. Though when you akin it to something like Big Order (one of my favourite trainwrecks) I have this morbid sense of curiosity towards it 😄.

    1. Big Order was an amusing trainwreck. There was definitely something entertaining about how bad it was. Taboo Tattoo is just bad (and boringly so at times – unless you like really bad sexual innuendo in poorly phrased pseudo military banter there really isn’t anything entertaining about this).

  2. Lol I totally forgot about the title XD That makes it so much worse really. I’ll have to now assume their entire plan was to troll people who were nice enough to give this a shot. I mean, what else could be the reason for this slop that didn’t even try to tell a proper story?

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