Taboo Tattoo Episode 11


More people died. Some of them you may even remember the names of. Most likely not though. There’s an extended duel between Cal and Seigi (which BB is kind of part of due to ghostly presence) and that’s probably the best part of the episode. Even then, it’s pretty ordinary. And then we blow up all the extras before Izzy and group race in to the underground ruins to see that the Princess is once again using Seigi for a pincushion. The issue here is this show hasn’t made us care about the Princess and her plan (which still makes no sense). Seigi’s motivation has shifted drastically because of a death that was poorly executed and so the audience doesn’t much care that it happened so don’t feel any need to get behind Seigi. And, lastly, this fight at the ruins feels exactly like the last one which also had minimal impact. Oh well, this show will soon be over and then I just need to decide if this is worse than Big Order or not.

Taboo Tattoo is available on Crunchyroll.

7 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo Episode 11

    1. Good call. I probably should have made that decision at episode 3 or 4 but I hoped it would turn around and now here I am, stuck to the bitter end.

      1. Oh, I know that feeling. Back when I was with the college anime club, the guy who ran the monthly anime viewings had some odd choices in anime. Some made me ask, “Why the heck am I into anime?”

    1. Yeah, I’m only feeling that way because Big Order is becoming a fading memory whereas Taboo Tattoo is a right here, right now kind of pain to watch.

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