Taboo Tattoo Episode 10


This is how Taboo Tattoo does a time jump: change scenes without warning and then have a character very clumsily comment on the fact that it’s been a year before noting another character is taller. Totally seemless transition.

All I have are questions.

Why am I still watching this?

How does BB think it is fair to drop a burden he couldn’t carry onto a high school student? (And the I’ll fight with you even though I’m dead line does not take away the trauma he just inflicted.)

Why hasn’t the American military gotten any smarter or more powerful in the entire year they’ve apparently had since their last defeat?

This episode bounces from scene to scene and ends with our characters entering another fight and this one I care about even less than the last. Oh well.

Taboo Tattoo is available on Crunchyroll.

6 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo Episode 10

  1. I hope in the last episode its revealed that BB is somehow still alive, and took control of the source. Of course this has to happen after the princess collected all 4 so when he does show up hes super powerful or whatever, and with tat power he wipes out all tattoos using the void. Or something.

    Honestly I just want some completely OUT THERE ending. That way I can at least laugh.

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