Taboo Tattoo Episode 1 + 2


Justice Akatsuka helps a guy out and get’s given a weird tattoo. Turns out the tattoo is a secret weapon and now there are all sorts of interesting people turning up.

Review Episode 1:

This is as by the numbers as they come.

  • Kid with strong sense of justice and some combat ability (but clearly some issues in his past) – check.
  • Childhood friend (girl) who is concerned about him – check.
  • Another seemingly young girl who is either trying to kill him or recruit him but either way is clearly going to become some sort of rival with childhood friend girl – check.
  • Mysterious super powers that manifest and the one our kid with strong sense of justice got is even more mysterious than some of the others – check.

By the numbers isn’t necessarily a bad thing but overall the first episode was kind of forgettable. The character designs aren’t particularly memorable, the storyline is pretty standard, and while the combat was at times interesting it isn’t on the scale of some anime out there. I’m going to keep watching for a bit as this hasn’t done anything wrong but it also isn’t really impressive.

Review Episode 2:

Taboo Tattoo continues to pull out the clichés even while it kills its own momentum during the first half of this episode. Between explanations, bad jokes, and characters externally narrating their thoughts (either to themselves or to another character) this was really screeching to a halt. The second half picks up as have a villain introduced and then a fight sequence is initiated.


Again, it isn’t great or particularly memorable but it was certainly watchable. I’m sticking with this one for awhile because while it hasn’t done anything amazing yet it hasn’t really done anything wrong (other than be a little too generic) and I’m still kind of hoping that once they get over the introductions and explanations that maybe they can pull something half decent out of this. And while there might be better anime that have been released this season, I actually am enjoying this to an extent at the moment.

Taboo Tattoo is available on Crunchyroll.

6 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo Episode 1 + 2

  1. Watched 1st epi, and yeah kind of not memorable. It isn’t bad, it isn’t good either (it has it’s moments). At least this isn’t bade as: qualidea code = generic as hell.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t make it fully through the first episode of Qualidea Code whereas this one is currently watchable with some potential.

  2. I haven’t started watching this series, but my brother won’t shut up about Bluesy Fruesy. I might wait for a bit until the show develops a bit more. Thanks for the review thus far.

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