Sword Oratoria Episode 5



While I might come back and watch this show once it finishes airing, I am done with week to week viewing. I’m not enjoying the story or the characters and I really have no interest in whatever Ais’ hang up is. Plus, this villain looked like it got torn out of 1990’s Sailor Moon episode, which given my Top 5 this week is kind of amusing.

Anyway, this episode kind of continued on with Loki looking into some conspiracy on the surface, meanwhile Ais finally got beaten up (which was kind of satisfying). We actually saw Finn fight, though that was less spectacular than you would imagine particularly because he insists on remaining absolutely calm even as he observes that the person he just punched broke his finger. All and all, I’m kind I’ve kind of been over this for a couple of weeks and this episode did nothing to persuade me to continue.

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Karandi James.


2 thoughts on “Sword Oratoria Episode 5

    1. It wasn’t as if the DanMachi didn’t have fanserive, but underneath that it was a fun story. Sword Oratoria really missed what the appeal of the original show was.

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