Sword Oratoria Episode 4



In fairness to Sword Oratoria, episode 4 probably isn’t as bad as I’m about to make it seem but I am so disconnected from this show at this point I just couldn’t care about anything happening. It doesn’t help that the writers don’t seem to care about the few points that they could do something interesting with because they are so busy trying to put ridiculously obnoxious lines in that belittle the predominantly female cast.


Do you want us to take these characters seriously at any point or not? Make up your mind.

Anyway, by the time we got to a murder investigation and the thin attempt this episode had at actual drama I was more or less kind of hoping a giant plant monster would swallow the entire cast whole but it is unlikely I’ll get my wish. Plus, Bell made no appearance this week and to be honest that’s been the only thing saving previous episodes from being utterly dismissed.


One more and if there is no noticeable improvement I am done with this.

Sword Oratoria is available on AnimeLab.

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