Sword Oratoria Episode 2



While I had my reservations during episode 1, episode 2 of Sword Oratoria confirmed 3 things:

  1. Ais is an incredibly boring protagonist and even with every other character falling over themselves to talk about her or to her, it doesn’t make her any more interesting.
  2. While DanMachi was a fun adventure story with its occasionally over the top fan service/comedy moments interrupting the flow, Sword Oratoria seems to be a fan service driven comedy with occasional moments of adventure.
  3. Bell’s cameos are still the most interesting thing about this spin off.
Pure genius.

All and all, that’s kind of depressing because I was kind of excited to see this show come out on AnimeLab even though it wasn’t the sequel I wanted but a spin-off I didn’t ask for. I still wanted to give it a go and enjoy it. But between breast groping, bathroom scenes, and a shopping trip that includes all the usual fetish outfits this episode gives us nothing to hold onto in terms of hope that this show might manage to be a fun adventure.

Sword Oratoria is available on AnimeLab.

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2 thoughts on “Sword Oratoria Episode 2

  1. Honestly, I’m surprised that I saw so much hype for Sword Oratoria prior to Spring’s start (even from those who read the source) given how things have been going so far. I’m really not satisfied with the show, but I’m curious to continue it just to see why it generated so much pre-Spring noise.

    1. This second episode was pretty woeful. I know that if this wasn’t a spin off to DanMachi, I’d probably have dropped this show after a second episode like that. Really, Sword Oratoria is going to have to do something at least decent in episode 3 or really I don’t think I can justify keeping it in my watch list this season.

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