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A spin-off of DanMachi (It is Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon), Sword Oratoria focusses on Ais and the Loki Familia.


For a show that is supposed to focus on Ais, she’s remarkably passive to absent in this first episode with far more time being given to introducing a young magic user who freezes at the sight of monsters (useful). And because of the kind of show it is of course she’s making puppy dog eyes at Ais.


That said, it wasn’t a bad episode. After an initial narration where we zoom around the city and see some familiar faces we find ourselves on level 50 of the dungeon with the party from the Loki Familia. We get a reintroduction to the members because even though we’ve met most of them before they weren’t the main characters in DanMachi. Then we get a pretty cool fight against some acid spewing caterpillar thing. Before we start returning to the surface and we get our first direct cross over with the previous series and we see how the minotaur ended up attacking Bell.


My issue with this is that Ais was a pretty boring character back in DanMachi (she served her purpose well enough as a potential love interest and a goal to work towards in terms of strength for Bell) but her personality was pretty much non-existent. When I first heard she was going to be the focus in this I had some real concerns about whether she could carry a show and this episode has done nothing to lay those concerns to rest. The things I liked this episode were throw backs to DanMachi and reminders of how fun that show was. Just being back in the dungeon was fun, the ridiculous monsters and the fighting styles, even seeing Bell again was fun. Ais, not so much.

All and all, I have no intention of dropping this. Even is Ais doesn’t manage to develop a personality, there are plenty of other enjoyable characters and its a dungeon crawling fantasy in a world I already love so we’ll continue on.

Sword Oratoria is available on AnimeLab.

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10 thoughts on “Sword Oratoria Episode 1

  1. The only thing making me watch this spin-off series was to see if Ais would crack her emotionless shell for once – a full view of her inner thoughts and emotions.

    The first episode was indeed nothing but to satisfy those who watched the original series with the events that happened to Ais before she met Bell after he was attacked by a minotaur.

    I hope we get to see more out of Ais as a character from this series and not have something that spin-off series do: script writing catered to fans.

    1. I was really hoping they’d do something with Ais because otherwise this show is going to go downhill fast. Nostalgia will only go so far and given we’d all prefer to see Bell’s story continued, really Ais has a hard road ahead of her if she’s going to carry this season.

  2. I’m still waiting to find out where to get this. I’m in Ireland and would prefer to watch this on something like Crunchyroll or something. AnimeLab isn’t here, so will just have to wait this one out. Really hoping that we get a continuation of Bell’s story soon!

    1. I didn’t think I’d get to see it when Crunchyroll didn’t get it. Was really happy to see AnimeLab picked it up, but that definitely doesn’t help anyone outside Aus or NZ.

  3. I was so gung ho on watching and reviewing this until I realized it wasn’t a continuation but someone else’s story on a different time line. And really, no one in Ais’ family really tickles me. Even the mage who needs to learn to trust in her allies. For with them all powerful at this point, what is the thing to look out for here? Bell making cameo appearances?

    1. That’s kind of where I’m sitting at the moment but I’m still going to give this a few episodes to find its feet before I decide, mostly because I really do wan this to be good. But episode 1 wasn’t a great start. Action was alright but the characters are… well they aren’t Bell.

      1. I think this won’t be something you’ll drop, but I doubt it will have the same excitement Bell’s story had. It may compensate with better battles, but I don’t see the same hype about Ais and the rest becoming stronger, a better group, and etc.

  4. Yeah. I feel like your mileage for this show will depend on how much you enjoyed the original Danmachi. I’m watching it for the sake of nostalgia, but as is my experience with most spin offs, there’s really nothing to write home about.

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