Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online First Impressions


While I love SAO, I have to say Gun Gale isn’t my favourite part of it. Mostly because of the whole gun thing rather than swords. Still, this wasn’t a bad start. What did you think?


Well, if we wanted to know what the actual plot of this spin-off series was going to be, this first episode isn’t exactly big on revealing. Mostly it seems to be intent on distinguishing itself from the whole sword and magic fights of the main stream SAO and plunges us straight into a gun battle just to show us how COD it can be (or pick your favourite shooter game).

That doesn’t make it bad as visually it was fun to watch and I kind of love the main character’s pink outfit and matching gun (inappropriate thought it is), but if I wanted to explain to someone what this is about so far all I’ve got is shooter game fantasy. A little bit more of an idea about the character or plot development to come might have been appreciated.


Still, despite not being a fan of shooters, this is part of SAO and so I’m pretty much signed on to watch it unless it becomes totally abysmal and this first episode was actually pretty reasonable (most enjoyable if you actually like watching gun fights). I guess I’m signed up for a season.

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21 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online First Impressions

    1. Even the height complex didn’t come out of the episode. If you hadn’t read the synopsis there was genuinely nothing in the episode to make you really aware of that as an issue.

  1. I enjoyed this since it felt like I was watching a livestream of a competition. GGO is my second favourite arc after Aincard, so I guess that also helps when it comes to my enjoyment of this.

  2. GGO was certainly my least favorite arc of the main series, but the first episode certainly has piqued my interest. Not only am I curious what they do with a new protagonist but I also want to find out more about the GGO setting. Hopefully this will be a worthy spinoff.

    1. I hope so too, but they’ve given us very little to go on in this first episode. Definitely need a second episode to figure out if this is going somewhere.

  3. Her outfit was cute. I’m wondering what the conflict will be since it already set itself saying it is different from SAO. I hope the conflict won’t just be something dropped in at the middle of the season. I would like a bit of a hint in the upcoming episodes.

    1. They are definitely going to need to establish the narrative in the next episode or two. As much as people have been happy enough just to see the setting in this episode if they don’t give us something other than gun fights this is going to fizzle quickly.

  4. As a fan of SAO, I’m enjoying this one so far and I appreciate that they chose to expand GGO of all the possible online worlds shown so far, since it had the least development of the three main settings.

    I still prefer magic and swords myself, but more GGO is welcome while we wait for Underworld from the Alicization arc to get adapted in S3.

    1. Yes, I am really excited about a season 3. Yet this is still better than the DanMachi spin-off. I ended up dropping that altogether because it was just dull. This was at least interesting enough even if it wasn’t what I really wanted.

      1. I never got a chance to watch the DanMachi spin-off, but considering it was based mostly around Aiz, I’m not surprised it was a little dull (Aiz isn’t all that interesting to begin with).

        As a fan of the novels, Season 3 will definitely not disappoint. It takes the series in some very interesting, new directions and does a lot to combat the criticisms against previous arcs by changing things up quite a bit. It’s going to be something else!

  5. First time I’ve disagreed with you, though I understand why.

    I’m pretty apathetic towards SAO because of the alfheim arc turning me off of the series, but this reignited that gamer spark in me.

    1. I know lots of people love GGO and liked the setting, but I’m not a huge fan of shooters so for me this was not something I was ever going to be really excited about.

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