Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 2: So, No Plot Then?


Other than tall girl enjoying playing gun game as short avatar, is there actually a plot in this anime?


What happens when you take an anime focused on life or death in an alternative reality and instead cast an insecure girl and take out the life and death part? Well, probably this. LLENN is adorable as the pink devil and all but other than watching her freak out over various avatar designs before dancing happily because she finally got a short avatar and then watching her show prodigious skill at ambushing more experienced players, I still know pretty much nothing about her or the point of this anime. Sorry, she likes music. Including movie soundtracks.


I can kind of see that this will appeal to some viewers quite a lot, but it isn’t SAO. Not by a long shot. And as I’m really not finding any connection with the main character and still have no clue what the story is actually going to be, I’m not convinced that I’m signing up for a whole season of watch girl play game. I’ll give this one more episode, but if no story emerges I’m going to drop this, much like I did the DanMachi spin-off. If you take out all the parts of the franchise I actually like, regardless of whether you put that name on the product, I’m still not liking the product.

I can kind of see where people who weren’t as in to the original SAO might prefer this though. Still, so far not really to my taste.

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10 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 2: So, No Plot Then?

  1. If there was a bit more about her personal life that made it meaningful I would be more on board with this anime. Then it would feel like another version of MMO Junkie…

    1. Agreed. It still wouldn’t feel like SAO, but I’d probably get quite into it. But there just hasn’t been anything to really make me interested in the main character so far.

        1. She can have whatever complex she likes, but unless the anime actually makes me care about her and why she has that complex, it seems unlikely I’m going to be overly sympathetic toward her.

    1. For some viewers, clearly nothing. For me, I’d like something with a plot or with a character I cared about and so far this one has done neither.

  2. I think that is my issue as well. There isn’t any pressing feeling about this show. No sense of life or death, no race against time, it is just an insecure tall girl enjoying what it is like to be short. And while, yeah, there is competition within GGO, there isn’t this strong rivalry presented that makes you wonder who is going to come out on top or anything.

    1. Possibly if they’d done a better job introducing the character, I’d care more about her insecurity or her joy at being short, but the whole thing has really been played rather superficially. It just doesn’t seem like it matter at all.

  3. That’s like the whole point of the show though haha.
    This is not SAO. Anything you love about it will not be seen here. This show takes the spin off tag to a high level, as high as Love Livd Sunshine did to the original.

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