Sweetness and Lightning Episode 4


So this show has been so adorably sweet and cute and I seriously just cannot take anymore right now. Last week an episode about apologising over a kids fight and this week a quest to feed a kid vegetables. riveting stuff, really.

I’m going to wrap this up because I won’t be continuing with this series. Sweetness and Lightning is a lovely show for an audience that is not me. Slice of life fans who like cute kids and doting parents will probably be thrilled to pieces but I’m out.

Sweetness and Lightning is available on Crunchyroll.

2 thoughts on “Sweetness and Lightning Episode 4

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you had the chance to check out episode 7 of this show. I just saw it and was actually mad by the end.

    To sum it up real quick: Tsumugi leaves the house by herself to find Kotori when Dad is passed out from sickness. She is later yelled at by Dad and throws a fit to stay at Kotori’s. Dad folds and Tsumugi is rewarded for her endangering herself.

    I looked around and everyone else seems to find this episode really cute and harmless, but I think it has rather negative message of how doing stupid things and yelling about it gets you what you want.

    Please let me know if you are still watching this series, and/or thoughts on this matter.

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