Sweetness and Lightning Episode 1


Kohei is a widower who works as a teacher. He is struggling preparing meals and looking after his daughter but the two of them soldier on. Then they have a chance encounter with one of his students while viewing flowers.


For those who like their anime sweet, this first episode is for you. It is charming and there is an absolutely brilliant dynamic between father and daughter. The student didn’t fare so well in this first episode but she still has her own kind of sweetness about her and I’m sure in future episodes she’ll connect better with the core family. I have no complaints about this episode. It sets up its characters and the premise nicely, looks adorable and moves well. I also know I probably won’t see this series through unless it brings in a little more drama and tension because sweetness isn’t really my thing in continuous stretches (unless we are talking about chocolate).

Sweetness and Lightning is available on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “Sweetness and Lightning Episode 1

  1. Sweetness in name, sweetness in nature. This is one of my favorites so far, but I agree that it will need to bring a little more to the table (if you pardon the expression) to spin a compelling series. I think there might be some good character development and more than a few tear jerking scenes to come. Looking forward to your future reviews in any case.

  2. It’s amazing how they are managing to balance that much cuteness without going so far that she becomes irritating. They are doing such a great job of making us love her.

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