15 thoughts on “Why Sweet Anime May Just Be What the Anime Community Needs This Winter 2022

  1. Lately, the sweetest shows seem to have been romances. I’m missing the slice-of-life shows á la Flying Witch, or even classic CGDCT shows (these days it’s almost all idols, or focused club anime).

    Also, for me shows can be too sweet to binge. I love Tamayura dearly; it’s a show about a girl who moves back to her childhood village after her father dies, and she discovers life again with her friends and her late father’s analogue camera. It’s *very* sweet. I think I’d manage about two episodes a piece before I contract diabetes.

    Oddly enough sometimes surface-mean shows can feel really sweet to me, too. An example would be Jasshin-chan Dropkick, where the main character, a regenerating Lamia, gets “killed” over and over again, and tries to “kill” her summoner so she can go back home. But that’s really just the surface level, and underneath it just feels like a sweet show. Sometimes you express the love with cartoony gore…

    1. I have to agree that I usually don’t binge slice of life anime. I tend to enjoy them more as single or double episode interludes between other shows. Occasionally though I just want to bliss out and something sweet and light is exactly what I need.
      I hear you in that sometimes shows that on the surface don’t seem sweet can sometimes still deliver those ‘aw’ moments and just leave you feeling good.

  2. Awesome post. I agree there is just too much negativity out there both in the anime community and the world in general. It just seems like every anime lately has some sort of controversy or drama behind it and I just don’t get it. I thought the point was to escape all of that by enjoying some great entertainment.

    I also have been on a “feel good” anime kick as well of late as they are just a great way to decompress from everything. It’s also nice to just relax and go along for a ride where you can just have fun and not worry about an intricate plot or character drama.

    1. Do you have any go to shows at the moment or is there an anime that would be your best example of something to watch just to switch off and relax?

      1. Oooh I would say that K-on, Laid Back Camp and Is the Order a Rabbit are my staple relaxation shows. I would also add Komi Can’t Communicate to the list as well. Always felt good after watching that series.

  3. I must be getting soft in my old age but I tend to prefer these shows of late purely as they are an easy watch, as I usually view them when having breakfast or lunch, whilst more “involved” shows require greater attention, which I prefer to binge watch.

    1. That’s interesting that you watch different types of shows at different times of day. For me if I am episode reviewing I watch in the morning because that is when I am most productive. If I am binge watching or rewatching something I’ll put it on in the evening and am more likely to sit on the couch than at my computer.

    1. Gakuen Babysitters was definitely sweet to watch – actually that may be just thing thing I need to binge over the weekend for a pick-me up.

  4. I need a mix of different anime types to be happy. But I admit that “sweet” anime have been crowding out the “sour” ones as of late. Love stories and happy but silly plot lines comfort me.

    One thing that irritates me is that everything had to be an isekai. Sometimes I think they are taking a plain vanilla anime and tacking on “they died in their other life and were reincarnated here” just to say it was an isekai.

    1. Yes, I do sometimes wonder if there is actually a point to reincarnating a character. Some anime use the gimmick well but others really do just tack it on.

      And yeah, I like a mix of different things to watch but lately I definitely find myself seeking out sweeter plots for comfort viewing.

      1. Comfort food… comfort anime… I think we all need a bit of comfort right now.

        If you reincarnate a character, IMHO, there’s no point unless their past life has a significant bearing on their current life. Otherwise Timid Timmy can walk down the road, get hit by lightning, and become The Mighty Tim. Or make a deal with a deity/devil. Or drink the supersoldier serum. Or eat a Gomu Gomu no Mi. There’s no functional difference

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