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Super Lovers season 2 picks up with Ren and Haru pretty much where season 1 left off. Their relationship is in limbo. That said, Ren is actively becoming more aggressive in his pursuit of a relationship this season.

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There’s not much to say about this show. Either you made it through season 1, in which case you would probably continue happily on to season 2, or you didn’t. Season 2 does bring some revelations to the table about the accident and the various decisions made by the parents regarding the various adoptions, but mostly its more of the same. Ren and Haru don’t communicate well, some problem ensues, both look like a hurt puppy for awhile, and then one or the other manages some gesture that gets them both back on track.


The support cast remain more or less one note. In fact, this season they feel even more tagged on, existing only to offer the occasional commentary on the relationship or be an audience to Ren or Haru’s various crises. Even an additional cast member in the form of a cousin with a complicated relationship to the brothers (who doesn’t have a complicated relationship in this show), doesn’t do much to liven up the support cast.


Jealousy plays a key role through most of the story. Both Ren and Haru are possessive and for me that is most problematic thing in their relationship. The age difference is a little cringey, the could be brothers but not biological is a little off-putting, the power imbalance given Ren is dependent on Haru certainly concerns me, but the possessive nature of their emotions is where the relationship really sours for me. It kind of ceases to be cute and becomes close to emotional abuse when they both try to cut off the other’s relationships outside of themselves. The only consolation here is that it isn’t one character doing to the other but both characters are acting in an equally possessive manner.


Really, though the largest problem the series faces (not the relationship but the show) is that the plot is practically non-existent. We just kind of drift from moment to moment with these ideas strung together only by the tenuous thread of where Haru and Ren are up to in their relationship. Its like trying to plot something from someone’s Facebook relationship status and its about as coherent really. It’s got a job, fought with my ex, had a dinner party, totally in love, invited on a date,  fought with my soon to be ex, went to the beach, and so on and so forth. The story is not compelling.


Overall, I probably could have just stopped watching this at any point. I’ll admit, I’m still a little curious about where the two characters will ultimately end up and there was nothing so unwatchably bad about this season that I actually wanted to quit, but neither was I in any rush as the next episode came out. My episode reviews ran about a week behind the release of the episode which gave me plenty of time to delay watching and find other things to do.

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One thought on “Super Lovers Season 2 Series Review

  1. I think I’m definitely avoiding this one. I wasn’t too keen on it anyway from what I’ve seen on other blogs but this review cements it. This seems like a relationship that I can’t stomach at all.

    “The only consolation here is that it isn’t one character doing to the other but both characters are acting in an equally possessive manner”

    I can deal with mutual possessiveness (to a certain degree) in stories but yeah, it’s really uncomfortable when it’s one-sided.

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