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I wasn’t planning on reviewing Super Lovers episodically this season because during season 1 I kind of noted that every post on this series had much the same observations. But AnimeLab hasn’t released a new episode of Iron Blooded Orphans so now I have a gap in my schedule so here we go.

Episode 1 picks up more or less exactly where season 1 ditched us and Ren and Haru’s relationship is just as undefined as ever given they talk sometimes like they’ve already moved to being lovers and then at other times they just aren’t on the same page. Also they continue to go back and fourth between being overly touchy and making no connection. Haru’s mother is still there and wanting to take Ren with her only Ren has kind of emphatically said (at least for Ren) that he isn’t planning to leave. This leaves me wondering if Haru is going to do something stupid and Ren is going to leave before Haru follows him and brings him back (though haven’t we already had that storyline), or Ren is just going to stay in which case we are going through some senseless drama for the sake of it. It isn’t that I dislike this episode or this show (though the age difference and power imbalance remains an issue), it’s just that the characters are moving glacially and the plot is pretty much guy falling in love with maybe brother so little happening on that front. So, all things considered, I probably won’t continue with episodic thoughts on this but will just review the season when it is done but I may do up dates if other shows don’t have an episode to review.

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2 thoughts on “Super Lovers Season 2 Episode 1

  1. I’ve watched maybe one or two episodes and read about five chapters of the manga. It is an odd series, to be sure. It is also one of the series that I have had on my to-watch list for a while now. I’m just not sure when to start it up again as I have SO many shows to watch as well. TOO… MUCH… ANIME…

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