Summer 2017 Week 4

summer 2017

No, you didn’t miss anything, but this is my first overview of the season. I must admit, I’m not terribly impressed with the offerings so far this season. Then again, I’ve been fairly spoiled for choice in Winter and Spring so I guess eventually I had to hit a slow season. Below  are my current thoughts on what I’ve watched (keeping in mind I’m a little behind on quite a number of shows). I have worked out a bit of a review schedule so click here if you’d like to know my plans for reviews this season so far, keeping in mind they are still very flexible while I try the first handful of episodes of some of these shows.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the season so far so please leave a comment below.


Must Watch

My Hero Academia (Episode 26)

I know, I’m behind on this one at the moment, but it is still a must watch. Hopefully I will catch up soon.


Usually Entertaining

Princess Principal (Episode 1)

Well, I finally found a show that was kind of enthralling from the start. Hopefully this show can maintain this tone and feeling because that was a really enjoyable first episode. A little surprising, given the title, but a very welcome addition to this season’s line up.

In Another World With My Smartphone (Episode 1)

This one I’m tentative on because while I enjoyed the first episode it is really playing on a lot of clichés and has that kind of self-aware vibe that usually ends up descending into jokes of the ‘aren’t we clever’ variety that just kind of annoy me after a while. That said, I really did enjoy the first episode and kind of hope this remains pleasant viewing.


Okay, I Guess

Gamers (Episode 1)

I’m loving the sound track for this anime as it reminds you of every old school video game in existence, but I’m not totally sold on the characters yet. Basically, I’m on the fence. School anime about clubs don’t really appeal and while I like video games, stories about video games don’t tend to go particularly well. Yet, this first episode was interesting. Hoping this one wins me over.

Vatican Miracle Examiner (Episode 1)

While sticklers for accuracy may find this a bit frustrating, and certainly those squeamish about blood need to give it a miss if the first episode is anything to go by, this one struck me as different enough at least for a first episode to stick with it for a time. I don’t think it is going to end up being amazing, but there could be some good drama to be found here if the show finds its feet.

Fastest Finger First (Episode 1)

This was surprisingly enjoyable as a first episode. I’m not expecting much given the stock standard everything about the story but I like quizzes and so that aspect was kind of fun. The show does have potential to help develop some of the characters but even if it doesn’t, this is fairly watchable.

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Episode 1)

Being a sucker for stories about Japanese ghosts this one kind of gets a pass just because of the subject matter. The first episode was ridiculously generic though so I guess I’ll wait and see once we meet some other characters and the story gets going. Still, looks quite pretty and like it could be a bit of fun.

Classroom of the Elite (Episode 1)

I won’t be reviewing this week to week but I am going to follow the show for the season and I’ll write a series review once it is done (or I might pick this one up for episode reviews when I inevitably start dropping other shows). Basically, I’m not really comfortable with the set up of this show, but it could be kind of interesting so I’m going to keep watching and see how it goes.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu (Episode 1)

This was certainly the prettiest first episode I watched, but I was kind of disconnected from the characters and events. It was all just kind of happening on the screen and I didn’t really care or feel compelled to learn more. That said, I’m sticking with this one for a little bit longer to see where it goes because it really does look good and like it could be fun.

Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight (Episode 1)

I haven’t been the biggest fan of this franchise and have a tendency to skip episodes because while I like the idea of the show, I find watching it a little dull. Still, decided to give this installment a go and the first episode was actually not bad.

18if (Episode 1)

I’m kind of terribly confused by this so far (not aided by watching the first episode with a fever), but I was still kind of intrigued. Usually that means the show isn’t very good and I’m stretching for something that isn’t there, but honestly, I think I could enjoy the story here and the theme song is pretty cool.

Netsuzou Trap (Episode 1)

While I won’t be writing episode reviews of this one, I am going to follow the show for the season and I’ll write a series review once it is done. The first episode felt a little bit rushed and seemed to be pushing shock factor over story or characters but hopefully it will flesh out some of its cast in the following episodes.

Knight’s & Magic (Episode 1)

This one I’m allowing myself to be a bit hopeful about. The heavy exposition in episode 1 is hopefully not a sign of things to come but was simply a rush to get the story moving and hopefully they are ready to do that now. That said, this could go either way and  end up pretty dreadful or pretty okay, though it might just sit at middling for the season.

Chronos Ruler (Episode 1)

Alright, episode 1 plays out like poorly written fan fiction and the visuals are all over the place from flash to dreadful sometimes within the same scene, but the basic notion is kind of interesting so I’ll give this one another episode to try to impress.

Clean Freak Aoyama Kun (Episode 1)

This was watchable and some bits were enjoyable. Honestly, I’d be very surprised if this stays on my list of shows that I’m watching. It seems distinctly one note and repetitious at the moment and it will all depend on whether they can expand beyond reiterations of the same joke.


They Made This

Sagrada Reset (Episode 14)

This isn’t changing at this point. Lots of intrigue, poor delivery, no answers. Just keep stringing me along and eventually it will end. Hopefully it will end with some kind of explanation about the town but I’ll just be happy to see it end.


Tried and Dropped

The majority of these aren’t necessarily bad, they just don’t particularly appeal to me. Okay, there’s a few that are pretty terrible in the mix, but others are kind of sweet.

Restaurant to Another World (Episode 1)

Centaur’s Life (Episode 1)

Convenience Store Boyfriends (Episode 1)

Saiyuki Reload Blast (Episode 1)

Battle Girl High School (Episode 1)

Hina Logic (Episode 1)

Tsuredure Children (Episode 1)

Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Episode 1)

Aho Girl (Episode 1)

The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor (Episode 1)

I know I’m late into this season so let me know what you’ve loved so far.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


13 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Week 4

    1. Made in Abyss seems to be a popular title. Wish I could actually see it.
      Sagrada Reset is consistent in being intriguing without being interesting at least. I’m kind of used to it at this point but it really isn’t moving out of the “They Made This” category because to be honest calling it entertainment would be stretching the meaning of the word.

  1. Totally agree with you on Sakurada Reset. It’s just a chore to watch it at this point but I’m still watching it 😂
    I have to say aside from Boku no Hero Academia, I’m quite enjoying Kakegurui. It’s been a really intriguing anime so far. :’) And Ballroom e Youkoso has been alright. It’s not too bad but it’s not what I’d call great either. :’)

    1. Unfortunatley both Kakegurui and Ballroom are unavailable for me at this point. I’ll add them to my eventual catch up list but that list is getting very long at this point.

      1. That is a shame. Hopefully you will get around to watching them 🙂 Hahah I can imagine! There’s always so many good anime’s to catch up on.

  2. When I think about it, the only anime I am completely sold out on is Made in abyss and, of course, My hero academia. There is Youkai Apartment, but that is hugely influenced by my love for supernatural.
    I really want to read your thoughts once you catch up on Boku no hero academia!

    1. Youkai apartment… I’d really like to love that one but as I’ve watched a bit more it really is just kind of ho-hum. Which is sad because I’m not that critical of shows in that genre and I watch them wanting to love them. Oh well.
      I thought I found somewhere to watch Made in Abyss, but tragically no. Looks like another I’ll have to wait until the end of the season to catch up on.

  3. I originally picked up PriPri mostly on the strength of the art and the action in the trailers. It’s turned out to be pretty good.

    And yeah, you should get caught up on Academia as soon as you can. The arc that concluded last night was really, really good.

    1. I will admit, I caught up with watching, not with reviewing. Still, I really am loving My Hero Academia still. It’s a strong contender for my anime of the year at this point.

  4. My best ones are definitely Kakegurui and Fate/Aporcypha… too bad Netflix doesn’t do simulcasts. It ressurected a dead fansub group though.

    Other honorable mention is 18if, mostly because it positively surprised me with episode 2, and the third was once again strangely sad and good to watch.

  5. I already knew that I’d be excited for the second season of New Game and Teekyuu 9, which have not disappointed, but my surprise for this season has been Magical Circle Guru Guru. I love the cute designs and ridiculous comedy (you probably wouldn’t like it). I actually think that I’m watching slightly more titles than last season, or at least more full-length series (I tend to watch all the shorts available on CR unless they’re about something I know I’m really not interested in).

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