Summer 2016 Week 9

Here we are in week 9. This week has been a real mixed bag with some shows dropping the ball entirely (or tossing it away) while other shows have really gone forward full steam ahead. I’m starting to look now to see what is ending in a few weeks and what is continuing but there are a couple of shows that I won’t mind seeing finish sooner rather than later at this point. I’m also now down to only 4 series in my must watch.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below.


I Must Keep Watching

  • D.Gray-Man Hallow (Ep 9)
  • Alderamin on the Sky (Ep 8)
  • Days (Ep 9)
  • Tales of Zestiria (Ep 8)

D Gray Man continues to be my favourite watch (and yes I am aware that it may not be the best show of the season but it is the one I am loving the most).

Alderamin on the Sky delivers another solid episode. It’s moving slower now but with established characters and a fairly clear direction, this is still a really enjoyable show to watch.

Days wasn’t as strong this week as we spent most of the episode watching the game and it didn’t finish by the end of the episode. I get that this is a pretty major game but one of the things I’ve liked about this series is that even though it is an anime about sport they haven’t made us watch episodes of people playing sport.

Tales of Zestiria the X is still pretty interesting. I’m probably enjoying more because I really like fantasy and its been awhile since I’ve seen something with a dragon that has been even vaguely watchable. I get the feeling that this is a show that really shouldn’t be scrutinised too closely because it just won’t hold up.


Still On My Radar

  • The Morose Mononokean (Ep 9)
  • Cheer Boys (Ep 8)
  • Orange (Ep 9)
  • Food Wars (Ep 9)
  • Momokuri (Ep 18)
  • 91 Days (Ep 7.5)

Okay, The Morose Mononokean delivered a fairly ho-hum kind of episode. It tried to bring some emotion to the scene but it just didn’t really work and to be honest the whole episode felt filler worthy. While I really held onto this one with high hopes because it was generally sweet and kind of reminded me of Natsume Yuujinchou, this series has just consistently failed to deliver a solid performance. There are definitely good moments and it is certainly watchable, but it is also going to be fairly forgettable unless they do something amazing in the next couple of episodes.

Cheer Boys continues to be light and entertaining. They resolved some of their issues and are driving toward their next challenge so the feel good continues even if it lacks depth.

Orange gave us another significantly weaker episode. This second half of the season is seriously faltering. It just can’t hold up visually or dramatically to the first half and it seems like the story has all but run it’s course. That isn’t to say it couldn’t recover from this but this week was disappointing.

Food Wars also gave us a fairly lack lustre follow up. Last week I liked because it was the set-up for the finals but this cooking match was kind of dull. It doesn’t measure up to some of the previous efforts either visually or in terms of excitement. I’m not sure I even care who wins (which of course has not yet been revealed).

Momokuri resumes being adorable this week while still not really doing anything new. The thing with this show is, if it just stopped, I probably wouldn’t care, but I do enjoy watching the episodes when they come out.

91 Days recapped the story. Thanks but no thanks.


Not Dropped But Close

  • Hitorinoshita (Ep 8)
  • Taboo Tattoo (Ep 9)

Hitorinoshita… Well, it’s kind of continuing on. I’m sure there’s a point in here somewhere. There’s some fight sequences? Okay. I don’t know. Stuff is still happening, everyone still wants Soran, and to be honest it doesn’t really feel like anything is going to come together in this anime any time soon.

Taboo Tattoo… Flash back to a more interesting character? Doesn’t that just make us realise how rubbish the rest of the show has been?



  • Cute High Earth Defence Club Love (Dropped at Ep 4)
  • The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi (Dropped at Ep 4)
  • Sweetness and Lightning (Dropped at Ep 4)
  • Danganronpa 3 (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Mob Psycho 100 (Dropped at Ep 1 – Revisited to Ep 3)
  • Servamp (Dropped at Ep 2 – Revisited to Ep 3)
  • Rewrite (Dropped at Ep 2)
  • The Disasterous Life of Saiki K (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Ozmafia (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Scar-red Riders XechS (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Qualidea Code (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • First Love Monster (Dropped at Ep 1)

Is it just me or has this summer season flown by really fast?


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  1. I love how you give everything from the season a try. I might have missed you discussing Rewrite, but I think it was on my watch list. What didn’t you like about it or can you link me to a page that will tell me?

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