Summer 2016 Week 5

Yay! We’ve made it to week 5. Our shows are hitting that mid-way point that always begins to show which ones are not built on a solid foundation as flashy opening sequences fade away and actual characterisation and plot take hold. There definitely hasn’t been much movement on my list this week.

Before I get into my list, I just want to thank RishRaff from RishRaff Anime Reviews for featuring me this week and LitaKino from LitaKino Anime Corner for her link to my Feature on FridayFeature on Friday about Orange and time travel in general. It’s great knowing that some people are enjoying my posts and this is probably one of the best things that happened for me this week, so thank-you very much. It’s really great talking with some of the anime bloggers out there on their blogs and on twitter.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below.


I Must Keep Watching

D Gray Man returns to my top spot this week as it put in a truly brilliant episode this week that had me wanting to hit repeat as soon as it ended. I waited a day before rewatching to try to pick up all the details of the exchanges. Yes, I am a fan of the series so I’m not really reviewing this objectively but I am certainly having a lot of fun watching it.

Meanwhile, Alderamin on the Sky continues to be my stand-out favourite from the new shows this season. I’m really loving some of the character development and world-building. I keep trying not to get too caught up in it because I do worry that we’re about to take a turn down either the generic fantasy route or the over-the-top and what-the route, but part of me just keeps hoping that this show can really build on the foundations it has so far set up.

Days wasn’t as shiny this week but continues to actually make me care about a sports focussed anime. Odd how I found myself caring about whether they won the game or not.

91 Days was less impressive this week, with the characters taking a road trip away from the plot. There just wasn’t the same sense of purpose that the previous episodes had. Then I watched episode 5 (which I somehow fit in before my overview). It definitely picked up on the return to the city but now I’m suffering from not remembering which character belongs to which family.

The Morose Mononokean picked up a bit in this episode with some interesting revelations about the characters and the introduction of a new character who looks kind of interesting.

Orange was neither better or worse but just continued to tell its story this week. It was good to see Suwa actually getting a few good moments this episode though.

Tales of Zestiria the X continues to be an interesting fantasy and I’m really enjoying the characters at the moment. Hopefully it can continue.


Still On My Radar

Food Wars actually made a small rally this week, but it may be a case of too little, too late give we’re almost half-way into the season and this is the first episode (other than the first episode which was just fun to get back to the show) that has really engaged me with one of the characters. Hopefully this marks a turning point but if we go back to match after match where I just don’t care, this show will definitely drop further down the list.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Cheer Boys, though the show as a whole remains reasonably relaxing and enjoyable but not a lot else. In honesty, if someone had told me this week was the final episode I wouldn’t be disappointed. That said, I’m also kind of glad there is more of this.

Momokuri was sweet enough and kind of brought the focus to some of the other characters this week, but that’s about all.


Not Dropped But Close

Once again, Hitorinoshita has been unimpressive but watchable. I’m actually seeing some glimmers of hope for the series but it’s still sitting in this category for the time being.

Taboo Tattoo hit a new low this week but I still didn’t drop it. Really though it belongs in the dropped pile and I’m kind of just keeping it around in the faint hope that maybe something will emerge from it that was worth sitting through this much of it.



  • Cute High Earth Defence Club Love (Ep 4)
  • The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi (Ep 4)
  • Sweetness and Lightning (Ep 4)
  • Danganronpa 3 (Ep 1)
  • Mob Psycho 100 (Dropped at Ep 1 – probably return to viewing later)
  • Servamp (Dropped at Ep 2 – might give it another go if I drop some others but not overly interested at the moment)
  • Rewrite (Dropped at Ep 2)
  • The Disasterous Life of Saiki K (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Ozmafia (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Scar-red Riders XechS (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Qualidea Code (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • First Love Monster (Dropped at Ep 1)

What are you still watching and enjoying this week?

6 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Week 5

  1. Waaaait. Ozmafia has an anime? I wonder if it’s the same as the otome game of the same name. But since you dropped it it probably sucks buttcheeks either way. Mind saying why it got cut?

    1. I cut it because it was a shotr anime (only a few minutes per episode) and the episode I watched just kind of did nothing for me. If you like comedy and short anime it will probably work for you because it isn’t like it was actively horrible, but it wasn’t my thing and I already had too many anime on the go.

      1. Ah I see. Yeah I looked it up and…they’re chibi. I can’t. And since it looks like light-hearted fluff, comedy I know my sexy, hedonistic brothel owner from the game, probably won’t be a big part of it.

    1. That’s the problem. I’m not big on gag anime and neither of these two grabbed me in the first episode. I am very close to giving Mob Psycho another run though given there are now some more episodes and there have been a lot of positive reviews.

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