Summer 2016 Week 4

It’s the end of week 4. This is kind of a tipping point because usually I won’t drop a show if I’ve gotten this far into it (that isn’t to say I won’t drop a show after this, but the likelihood is that I’ll just keep watching it and wondering why I didn’t drop it).

I’ve got 12 shows that I am still watching at this point with a number of shows hitting the dropped list this week. If anything else goes I may check out Amanchu or New Game, or maybe I’ll pick up something from my to watch list that I hadn’t got around to from previous seasons.

The categorised format continues this week and there’s some movement after last week.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below.


I Must Keep Watching

My favourite show so far this season is definitely Alderamin on the Sky. Yes, it could still fall back on the generic fantasy tropes and go nowhere but while it isn’t going out of its way to be flash and amazing, it has some really solid character and world building in the first few episodes and even the cliché going to military school thing has worked pretty well. I’m really hoping this show succeeds for the whole season and doesn’t drop the ball but at the moment it is definitely my pick.

This week Days has moved up to the I Must Keep Watching category. I’ve been loving this show since episode 1, but the whole sports anime thing was keeping me from committing. However, endless charm from the characters has kept me smiling through ever episode so it’s time I just admit I’m hooked.

I also moved Tales of Zestiria the X up to this category this week. I definitely was not won over by this shows ‘prologue’ and the first episode, while better was still all introduction. Episode 2 improved and this third episode feels like this show is finally moving and I’m now caught up in the story. That said, I’m perfectly willing to assume that it can take another nose dive in a few episodes but for now I would be seriously put out if I missed an episode of this show.

Orange stayed exactly where it was. It is neither getting better or worse but I’m finding it just one of those easy to watch shows where events kind of roll along. The ongoing in your face foreshadowing of potential darkness keep it from falling into the too slow or going nowhere categories at this stage so I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride even while the protagonist frustrates me.

If I’m honest, The Morose Mononokean probably took the biggest dive this week in enjoyment from these titles. It wasn’t actually bad, but this episode was definitely less impressive and by the numbers from a plot point of view and I didn’t feel the same sense of wonder and interest that I did in previous episodes. Not enough to drop to the next category but definitely on notice.

D Gray Man also fell a bit this week due to my dislike of the portrayal of the Millenium Earl. I still really enjoyed watching the episode but I was definitely picking more faults this week than in the previous episodes.


Still On My Radar

Yeah, Food Wars fell to this category. While I am still enjoying the show, if I didn’t watch anymore it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Honestly, I feel that I could just skip the rest of this tournament and pick the show up after we aren’t doing endless loops of cook offs and I’d probably enjoy it more again. But 4 episodes in a row of cooking duels and I’m feeling that this is like Asterisk War only without the cool flames.

91 Days I also moved down here mostly because while it is a well made show, I’m finding that my care factor for the revenge story is waning and it isn’t doing much else to interest me. Really, other than one revelation about who killed his family, this episode felt like pure filler and when the show was already moving slowly it really couldn’t afford to spend an entire episode wandering around the countryside.

Cheer Boys maintains it’s nice cheery self but isn’t really doing much more. If I compare it to the other sports anime I’m watching ‘Days’ I just am not as engaged with Cheer Boys. That said, it’s still pretty pleasant to watch.

And Momokuri just sat right where it was because it’s just doing more of the same. If you think Kurihara is excessively creepy you probably will drop this because the show really isn’t much more than her pursuit of Momotsuki.


Not Dropped But Close

Hitorinoshita actually got better this week. I know, I was shocked as well. If it kept that up it would probably end up on the still on my radar rather than walking that knife’s edge of close to dropped.

Taboo Tattoo is standing on it’s last legs. I really didn’t like the episode this week and to be honest, I’m fast losing hope for this one becoming any more than an excuse to throw various dull characters into various by the numbers fight sequences.



  • Cute High Earth Defence Club Love (Ep 4)
  • The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi (Ep 4)
  • Sweetness and Lightning (Ep 4)
  • Danganronpa 3 (Ep 1)
  • Mob Psycho 100 (Dropped at Ep 1 – probably return to viewing later)
  • Servamp (Dropped at Ep 2 – might give it another go if I drop some others but not overly interested at the moment)
  • Rewrite (Dropped at Ep 2)
  • The Disasterous Life of Saiki K (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Ozmafia (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Scar-red Riders XechS (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • Qualidea Code (Dropped at Ep 1)
  • First Love Monster (Dropped at Ep 1)

This week I added Sweetness and Lightning to the dropped list. It’s just too much cute and sweet and I just wasn’t enjoying watching it. Kind of like Flying Witch last season. There is nothing wrong with the show, I’m just not it’s audience.

Highschool Life of a Fudanshi was on the edge for awhile. I just don’t get the draw. The first episode was actually kind of amusing but since then it’s been flat and that would be fine if it was offering us something insightful or even vaguely interesting but it doesn’t seem to want to do that either. I’ve now let it drop.

And Cute High Earth Defence Club Love has finally allowed me to drop it by offering yet another episode that has nothing new to add.

Four weeks into the season; what are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Week 4

  1. 4 weeks in and I’m basically down to just watching New Game! and Love Live! Sunshine!! So many exclamation points, help. Both series have been pretty funny so far.

    Regalia episodes stop after this week, which is something I actually found to be a relief. I wanted to support the series, but it’s been a letdown, to be honest. I’m having doubts about picking it up again when it restarts in Fall 2016.

    I’ve started Prisma 3rei, but I’m only on episode 2. I’m not really in a rush to watch this show since I’m reading the manga and this particular arc not only just drags on but is also the weakest arc yet. I’m not analyzing or summarizing this series, either, so there’s that.

    My brother, the light novel fanatic, has told me positive things about Alderamin on the Sky. Coupled with your current feelings about the series has led me to believe I’ll pick this one up for my own entertainment.

    1. I am still thinking I should check out New Game, but Regalia didn’t do much to impress me when I tried the first episode and now it’s on break.

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