Summer 2016 Week 2

Still sticking with a straight list format for the time being. May change it up later. At the end of next week I’ll be narrowing my list down to the ones I am actually going to review episode by episode. I’ve mostly decided but there’s a couple of anime that are making me fence sit for a little longer.

Reminder that my list is based entirely upon my own enjoyment while watching these anime and is not based on any kind of scoring system.

The show that really stood out to me this week was The Morose Mononokean as I just loved the second episode. I’m really hoping this anime can continue to deliver. Oh, and I am all kinds of fan girling over D Gray Man. In terms of which show is the best, so far that would probably be 91 Days but I’m not enjoying it anywhere near as much as Mononokean, D Gray Man or Alderamin.

There are a few more shows that have been tried and dropped and a couple that I’ve let go after their second episode because I’m not enjoying them and I’ve got way too many shows to keep them all going. I’m thinking that by week 4 my list will be down to maybe 12 anime that I’ll see through to the end of the season.


From best to worst of the Still Watching List:

  1. D.Gray-Man Hallow (Ep 2)
  2. The Morose Mononokean (Ep 2)
  3. Alderamin of the Sky (Ep 2)
  4. 91 Days (Ep 2)
  5. Food Wars (Ep 2)
  6. Orange (Ep 2)
  7. Sweetness and Lightning (Ep 2)
  8. Tales of Zestiria (Ep 2)
  9. Momokuri (Ep 6)
  10. Days (Ep 2)
  11. Cheer Boys (Ep 2)
  12. Taboo Tattoo (Ep 2)
  13. The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi (Ep 2)
  14. Hitorinoshita (Ep 1)
  15. Cute High Earth Defence Club Love (Ep 2) – This one is possibly next on my drop list.


And then the dropped:

  1. Danganronpa 3 (Ep 1)
  2. Mob Psycho 100 (Dropped at Ep 1 – probably return to viewing later)
  3. Servamp (Dropped at Ep 2 – might give it another go if I drop some others but not overly interested at the moment)
  4. Rewrite (Dropped at Ep 2)
  5. The Disasterous Life of Saiki K (Dropped at Ep 1)
  6. Ozmafia (Dropped at Ep 1)
  7. Scar-red Riders XechS (Dropped at Ep 1)
  8. Qualidea Code (Dropped at Ep 1)
  9. First Love Monster (Dropped at Ep 1)

Your thoughts on how the summer season is progressing?

4 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Week 2

  1. In the past few seasons I only took on 5-6 series at most to watch, in this season those are:

    91 Days, Handa-kun, New Game, Orange and ReLIFE

    So far it seems like I did not choose wrong.

    1. I haven’t checked out New Game – I probably will if I drop something else at this point. Handa-kun I don’t have access to so even though it was a series I was kind of curious about I’ll just have to wait.

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