Summer 2016 Week 1

Okay, we are one week into our new anime season and I still have no idea what I’m actually going to keep following. There are too many shows this season that warrant at least another episode before I make up my mind. So at the moment I’m keeping most on the table and will make some choices next week (or at the least by week 3).

And I did finally drop Twin Star Exorcists. I figure it’s been hanging onto the edge of the cliff for so long I may as well just give it a little push. I may pick it back up again later just to see how it ends but I’m not interested in watching week to week.

My list is simply going to be in order of which shows I am most looking forward to the next episode of. I figure (whether the anime is good or not) if I want to see the next episode it had to have done something right. With the exception of D.Gray-Man. Much like Sailor Moon, I have no objectivity here. I’m a fan and this first episode just reminded me why I’m a fan so it’s going to get watched regardless of whether it derails itself. I’m not such a crazy fan girl of Food Wars but I liked the first season enough that I’ll probably finish season 2.

Cute High Earth Defence Club on the other hand I’m not sure if there is sufficient subject matter left in the magical girl genre to parody or whether this will just become tedious. First episode of season 2 looks reasonable.

By the way, my reviews of the shows I’ve been watching over the last week or so while I’ve been away are starting to go up on the blog now. I’m a little behind but am hoping to be caught up by next week.

Any shows not on the list I either haven’t watched the first episode of or it isn’t available (on the services I’m using – in my region). There’s definitely a few that I just haven’t got to yet.


So from most looking forward to the next episode to least looking forward to:

  1. D.Gray-Man Hallow
  2. Food Wars
  3. Orange
  4. 91 Days
  5. Alderamin of the Sky
  6. Cheer Boys
  7. The Morose Mononokean
  8. Momokuri
  9. Taboo Tattoo
  10. Days
  11. Servamp
  12. Cute High Earth Defence Club Love
  13. Rewrite
  14. Sweetness and Lightning
  15. Tales of Zestiria the X
  16. The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi
  17. Ozmafia (Third dropped anime this season)
  18. Scar-red Riders XechS (Second dropped anime this season)
  19. First Love Monster (First dropped anime this summer season)


If I’m honest, I don’t think Days will last the season. Mostly because I don’t really do sport anime but I liked the first episode enough to not write this off.

Orange and Cheer Boys were both kind of sweet and I’m hoping one of them hangs on as I need something sweet to watch.Momokuri was also kind of sweet but in a weird kind of way. However, the next episode (or episodes) have come out and I’m probably going to see this through.

91 Days and Aldaramin were late entries but both made quite an impression for a first episode so here’s hoping they continue in a similar fashion.

The Morose Mononokean (besides having a name I have to keep checking the spelling of) kind of reminded me of Natsume with more attitude so I’ll watch for awhile at least.

Taboo Tattoo and Servamp are both suffering from being a little too generic and safe in their first episodes so it is difficult to tell whether they are going to deliver anything solid or not. At least they weren’t terrible.

Rewrite confused me but I was interested so hopefully something good emerges.

Sweetness and Lightning is actually quite good but I just don’t think it is going to be for me. I will still check out another episode or 2 before I decide but I’m thinking I will end up passing. The High School Life of a Fudanshi was kind of nothing but was pleasant enough so maybe. Ozmafia on the other hand was kind of nothing and I’m just going to pass on it.

Finally, Tales of Zestiria and Scar-red Riders XechS (apart from having similarly hard to write names) seem to be scraping through the fantasy/sci-fi cliché discards. Actually, Zestiria wasn’t that bad but didn’t do much for me and despite the number of reviews I’ve read saying it is beautiful, I thought it was quite ugly and the animation actually distracted me from what was happening a lot of the episode. And on further reflection I decided just to skip any further XechS. I might change my mind later in the season but for now I’ve dropped it.

So what grabbed your attention this season?


10 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Week 1

  1. An interesting mix of shows your following there. Havent watched a lot of the summer season yet but some of the ones you have on your list i do intend to watch. I’ve been anticipating 91 days, orange, and mob psycho 100 the most. also was looking forward to zestria and that hard to pronounce other one, but if your saying its the typical generic cliches then thats disappointing.

    will check them out and stick with them for at least three episodes to see if they do anything impressive. I also intend to watch alderman because its madhouse and they have quite a track record for excellent shows. We will see what this new anime director can do. The show will be his first full length series he’s directed but I’m sure the heads at madhouse will help him out.

    I see berserk isnt on the list. Man oh man thats one that has people divided.As a fan of the manga I understand why some people are pissed well they have reason to be but for some reason I keep watching I dont think its that bad and that’s not usually the case for me with adaptations. Episode two was a great improvment even if still sucky only time will tell.

    1. I wasn’t a fan of the original Berserk and don’t really have any desire to watch the current one – plus it is not currently available on the services I use.
      It will be interesting to hear your take on some of these series. I know that because there are so many I’m being really callous at times in order to trim the list down a bit.

      1. ya I plan to do some reviews for some of them haven’t decided which ones yet. I will usually wait to at least watch three or four episodes because thats how long it takes for me to decide whether I’m going to drop a show or not or decide if its even worth reviewing because I might just only watch it.

          1. Oh my don’t know why it says that. Here is a link to the blog.

            I can’t remember if you follow the blog but if you go to your reader or where it says blogs you follow. You would see my site and could get their from there. That’s what I usually do use the reader to find out everyone I follow is posting. I’ve also bookmarked the blogs.

      1. Ah if your talking about the kabeniri post link I removed that blog post and will put it up again later. It was overloading my website because of the gifs i used for the post. I made them past 1080 and they were really extended and i didnt understand the limit of how much can be processed. so that post would only load for computers and not on devices like tablets and phones. so i had to delete it but I have the written post stored in my google drive. I dont know if thats what your talking about because if you would click that through the reader that page is no longer there. If you could clarify which link i would apprecitae it because i would need to fix that asap.

  2. So far the shows that caught my attention were:
    91 Days. I find the first episode was super well done. I hadn’t realized that time was flying as I got into it.

    Days. I feel will be worth my time. The first episode was also pretty entertaining for me.

    Servamp. I’m really interested to see where it goes. I already have a feeling I’ll hate the villain though…

    Cheer Boys. Something about this just entertains me, so I’ll go the whole mile with it.

    There’s more but the last one that REALLY stood out was Sweetness and Lightning.
    I’m probably in it for the father mostly….at least so far. It seems like it will turn out to be a nice journey so I’ll stick it through.

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