Sugar and Spyce and All Things Nice

Release the Spyce Episode Review Title

Release the Spyce Episode 12 Review

And so no-one is actually a traitor and no-one is actually dead, and no-one is actually surprised. This toothless ending fits the tone of the show and allows everyone to be all sweet and nice and become friends and trust in others and it is an utterly flat narrative. Given the characters never really went anywhere, I was hoping the plot would eventually pick this one back up but tragically that hope went unfulfilled as this final episode wraps everything into a neat little package.

Release the Spyce Episode 12

What that means is Release the Spyce has managed to be competent. Nothing more or less. The ending defeats the bad guys, sees the heroes wrap things up, and if the story was primarily Momo’s journey (or at least that is how the series has been book-ended), then that narrative at least is brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Release the Spyce Episode 12 Momo

Still, there was a lot more potential in this series and these characters. So while what is here wasn’t particularly bad it was a little disappointing that the show could never rise to be more than what it became.

Release the Spyce Episode 12 - Villain

However, brainwashing machine go boom, the city gets a new pretty flower, and the girls all get on with their lives or with spying. Can’t really argue with it even if I wanted more.

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6 thoughts on “Sugar and Spyce and All Things Nice

  1. Wow… that’s damming with faint praise. As I’ve said in several places, I dropped this mid-season and nothing I’ve seen since has done anything to convince me that I made a mistake.

    1. I probably could have happily dropped this one but I kind of kept hoping we’d get a season finale worth the wait. It didn’t really deliver but it wasn’t bad. The worst thing about this anime was the wasted potential. It could have been so much better.

  2. Kind of a bummer that the series didn’t offer a little bit more, especially since I was kind of digging it at the outset. Thanks for the recaps and reviews!

    1. No problem. And yeah, I was a bit disappointed with how this went because it was one of the anime I really enjoyed the first episode of and thought would be great fun this season.

    1. Good to hear you are back.
      Yeah, this one ended up boring me. It had a good idea and a solid opening episode but it just never did enough with it. Then this ending. It wraps things up but wow does it take any kind of drama out of what should be a dramatic situation.

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