Steins;Gate 0 Episode 9: Putting It Together


After returning to the former world-line, Okabe seems to have found some real motivation. Things are getting serious as the ongoing implications of jumping world-lines become more and more apparent.


During this episode it occurred to me how heavily this particular story arc is leaning on Suzuha’s character. She’s the one with the clear knowledge of the future, or other time lines and events, and the one who seems to be trying to drive Okabe into a particular decision or path. Compared to the passive Okabe who has just been trying to wash his hands of the whole situation since the beginning of this season, Suzuha has been at the core of almost everything. And now, Okabe is taking a firm stance and we see that for the first time in Steins;Gate 0 these two characters are at odds with how to progress from here.


There were a few strange things in this episode, that I’m certain will be explained later. Like the random fever sickness that is mentioned at the hospital and the fact that another character seems to have dreamed of the other world-line at the same time as Okabe was there. Then we have a whole bunch of things that Okabe seems to be putting together as a reason for the attack but none of it seems to be clear to the audience just yet. So I guess we’re still waiting. Either that, or I just need to watch the episode again when I can think a little more clearly.

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