Steins;Gate 0 Episode 7: Leaping To Conclusions is Fun


I wondered when we would get a Mozart reference and they definitely shoved it in there. I’m just not sure it makes any sense for that kind of a logical leap when trying to figure out a random number.


While this episode was a lot more interesting, that is probably because we’ve got bad guys waving around guns and shooting the TV. Seriously, the TV was an innocent bystander here. But while events are certainly moving along and we’re gathering allies and gearing up for intrigue, this episode still fails to engage the way even the slowest of the original’s episodes did.

And part of that is because we’ve all been waiting for this moment. Another reason is that none of these characters are as interesting in this world line as they were in the original story. Furthermore, not enough has been done to make me want to care about the AI and the ramifications of it. Other than the nostalgia trip and the emotional trip it was taking Okabe on, Amadeus hasn’t been that interesting.


The best moment of the episode came right at the end before the credits where something I actually didn’t expect occurred and now I’m wanting to know how and why it happened. That doesn’t actually mean I’m more engaged with this story. It means that once again they’ve dropped next episode bait in the last five minutes and they are kind of hoping that keeps carrying the audience given the middle of each episode so far has been pretty ordinary.

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