Steins;Gate 0 Episode 15: I Just Wanted To…


Suzuha is playing with fire, or at the very least time lines, when she decides to be more aggressive in her approach to seeing her parents together. However, what does this mean for the future?


It’s probably inevitable given Suzuha’s young age and tragic life that eventually she was going to act on an entirely selfish desire. While mostly her actions are compelled by her desire to make the future war not happen, everything this week was pure child missing her parents and it made for an emotionally compelling story-line. And yet this desire to see her parents together may very well have been the catalyst for breaking them apart if Daru hadn’t finally taken action on his own. Then again, maybe this is what was always supposed to happen given it seemed unlikely the relationship would have progressed without these events. Isn’t time travel fun?


Stepping aside from that part of the narrative, and I mean that literally given other than a couple of texts he literally never appears in that narrative at all, Okabe is meeting with Leskinen and getting very friendly over a report. Maybe I’m too suspicious but I just have to wonder why Okabe trusts an American professor who conveniently keeps turning up and has ties to Kurisu, Maho, and everything else, when it has already been speculated that maybe the Americans were the ones involved with the raid on the lab. I mean, he might just be a well-meaning guy who wants to take on Okabe as a new student, but really his ongoing appearances, his obvious desire to keep Okabe close, and everything else just screams that he is up to something.


I did have some fun this week with the episode even if I still feel overall that this series is lacking something. However, it felt more like things were getting ready to move forward and I’m hoping we do see some progress soon.

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12 thoughts on “Steins;Gate 0 Episode 15: I Just Wanted To…

  1. The story in this weeks episode was quite good in my opinion. it certainly served a purpose of moving of one story threads along. The last couple of weeks have felt like they are putting pieces in place for the climax of the story- I can’t say that I’m worried at this point. Still a third of the series to go.

    1. I think I just really haven’t been as in to this season as I was the original. There’s been no real hook. So while I can enjoy these character moments, the overall plot of this series is just kind of happening.

      1. I can understand that point. The way I look at it though is that the hook was in the original series- they pretty much assume you know what happened initially anyways. We won’t get to a definite end to the story with this series would be my guess and fleshing out the turning point near the finale of the original is fine with me.

        1. I just kind of felt the original series was fine as it was. And while I was hopeful this would add to the characters for me, I mostly feel like a lot of what we’ve learned was either assumed (Okabe being really depressed), or unnecessary. Suzuha is about the only character getting significantly fleshed out in a way that I think helps make her role in the original series make a bit more sense.

          1. Suzuha’s increased role is certainly a positive for me from the series- love what they have done with her character. It also is lending itself to a bit more of the background of the plot events of the original.

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