Steins;Gate 0 Episode 10: And This Is Why Characters Should Speak


So, turns out Maho is having Kurisu’s computer analysed. Why is that a problem? Oh, it will just start WW3. So why would she do that? Because Okabe doesn’t tell anyone anything.


Okabe’s been keeping a lot of secrets for the sake of ‘protecting’ those around him. Or is it more that he’s taken on the role and enjoyed playing the martyr? Because really, who has he protected by keeping them in the dark? Basically the characters are doing things that put them at risk because they don’t know what the danger is because the one person who could point it out is keeping his mouth shut even now that it is clear that danger has come back to them.


I can kind of understand Okabe keeping quiet when everyone else was able to get on with their ordinary lives. But after the lab was stormed and he’s jumped time lines, you would think he would realise that ordinary is not an option and would lay his cards on the table. But no. That wouldn’t lead to further plot developments fuelled by characters acting in perfectly sensible ways with the information available to them.

But it does kind of shoot any tension in the foot when you realise this whole computer issue could have been avoided if Okabe had just shared a bit of knowledge. And the reason I’m so focused on this one point of the episode is the rest of it was cleaning a room, a pyjama party that involved boob groping, and some walking around and reminiscing, so other than this one point, there’s nothing else really to talk about.

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15 thoughts on “Steins;Gate 0 Episode 10: And This Is Why Characters Should Speak

  1. Just goes to show how different our reviewing approaches are and where our priorities lie, I didn’t even mention Kurisu’s computer in my review lol

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