Star Driver Series Review


A boy washes up on an island (turns out he was trying to swim) and enrolls in the high school. However beneath the school are a mysterious group of robots that are being controlled by humans in an alternate dimension. Of course the boy gets his very own robot and becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy. Now he has to stop a plot to release some seals or something bad will happen?

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Straight to the point, I did not get this anime. It wasn’t that I couldn’t follow the story, it was just that following it didn’t make it make any sense. Stuff happens and then other stuff happens and a bunch of characters with really bad outfits and ridiculous names are fighting over some ultimate goal that never really seems to be explained in any kind of coherent manner.

So why did I finish watching Star Driver?

  • It’s fast moving.
  • It’s brightly coloured.
  • It kind of looks like eventually it might get to a point and gives you just enough jargon and tidbits each episode to make you want to watch the next one.
  • I really wanted someone to soundly defeat the Galactic Pretty Boy (okay, that last one is malicious but if ever a character needed to be swatted it was him).

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To be fair to the series, there are some genuinely interesting characters and some relationships are quite well developed. A lot of the plot problems come because it seems like the show is trying to avoid the dreaded info-dump exposition but instead it ends up giving mangled explanations embedded within other discussions and it just becomes really messy.

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And I don’t even want to know why every girl on the island seems to think Galactic Pretty Boy is worth their time. He didn’t seem all the endearing to me. And his common sense is questionable at best when he decides swimming to an island that has a ferry is in his best interest.

However, if you aren’t wanting to think about things too deeply and you want to watch an anime that realises that even if it took itself seriously no one else would so it might as well just go for it, Star Driver is certainly amusing and engaging. Just don’t ask any questions about why anything is the way it is or question the motives of the characters too deeply.


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