Spring Overview

With 13 shows that I am actively watching (and a few others I’m kind of trying to catch bits and pieces of) I figure the end of the week is a good time to reflect on where each show is sitting.


I Must Keep Watching

In honesty, there isn’t a lot happening this season that I would be all that upset to see disappear. The few anime that I’m really waiting for the next episode at the moment are:

  1. Sailor Moon Crystal
  2. Bungo Stray Dogs
  3. Shonen Maid

But even in saying that, if Bungo or Shonen disappeared I’d probably cope and Sailor Moon only makes the list because it’s Sailor Moon – hence the original series image used. Same story with a different name probably wouldn’t have grabbed my interest but I’m having happy nostalgia with it so I’m not letting that go.


Still On My Radar

These shows have potential and for some people they are probably really good, but I’m kind of indifferent to them. Unless they pull of a spectacular second half I probably won’t rewatch any of them or ever recommend them to a friend.

  1. Kiznaiver
  2. Joker Game
  3. Super Lovers
  4. Lost Village
  5. Twin Star Exorcists
  6. Rin-ne
  7. The Asterisk War Season 2

While none of these shows have actively thrown themselves into the irreparable pile and they all have points of interest for me, I’m mostly watching them because they are available and little else is.


Not Dropped But Close

  1. Flying Witch
  2. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
  3. Big Order

Pretty self-explanatory. Flying Witch is actually a great series, but it isn’t my cup of tea and that is becoming increasingly obvious. Tanaka-kun I’m not sure I really get how they are going to make this last even two more episodes and Big Order has pushed me right to the edge of illogical things I will accept.



  1. Hundred
  2. Cerberus
  3. Re:Zero
  4. Endride

I may come back to these but not for awhile.

What are your thoughts on the current season.

4 thoughts on “Spring Overview

  1. Joker Game is kind of hit-and-miss for me at the moment. I think it might be the episodic format that’s hindering its potential. Not that being episodic is bad, but there’s literally no thread of connection between the episodes except that they’re all spies.

    Bungou Stray Dogs got really good after the episode where villain / tiger fought. I like it. Although I think 12 episodes might be too short.

  2. Hm… I’m really liking Re:Zero at the moment, especially after the end of the last episode. I can definitely see how it isn’t for everyone.

    Aside from that, this season is great for me as a slice-of-life fan. So relaxing~

  3. I’ll have to type my own article (which I’m doing now), but as I’ve said before I am liking this season a lot so far! I cna get you not liking Flying Witch and Tanaka. Flying Witch is awesome but Tanaka is getting a little boring. Last episode had a very long latter half.

  4. Haven’t really had to much of a chance to check out this season. I’ve only watched the first 5 episodes of Super Lovers and I watched the first episode of Haven’t You Heard, I’m Sakamoto yesterday. The only thing I can say about Super Lovers is that if they tone things down from the manga it has potential to be an “ok” BL anime. It takes a lot to shock me, I read and watch it all, but parts of that manga make me uncomfortable. I really enjoyed Haven’t you Heard, I’m Sakamoto. It kinda reminds me of Cromartie High School, same brand of humor.
    Over all I agree with you, there’s nothing really that is super demanding of my attention this season. I kinda want to check out Rin-ne because it’s Rumiko Takahashi’s, and Bungo Stray Dogs has piqued my interest, but that’s about it.

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