Spring Overview Week 8

This week has been crazy busy with work and other non-anime related things that I won’t bore people with. As a result, even watching the shows for my daily review has been a little challenging so there are a few I’ve just not caught up with yet this week. For those shows, they won’t move in the list until next week.

Although, next week is looking equally crazy and with some unplanned travel occuring I think a lot of my reviews are going to be delayed (let’s hope for good wi-fi along the road).

That said, my milestone achievement this week has been my 100th post on 100WordAnime. It’s been a fantastic month sharing thoughts on anime and talking with other anime fans. Here’s looking forward to the next 100 posts.


I Must Keep Watching

These haven’t changed:

  1. Sailor Moon
  2. My Hero Academia
  3. Assassination Classroom

These stories are just solid narratives with great characters that draw me back in. They all have flaws and things you could call them on (cliché, pacing issues, over-reliance on the power of love, etc) but in terms of sheer enjoyment these three have it made.


Still On My Radar

These are probably safe now from being dropped given how far along we are, but they still aren’t hitting my must watch list.

  1. Bungo Stray Dogs
  2. Kiznaiver
  3. Shonen Maid
  4. The Asterisk War

Kiznaiver is possibly going to end up on the must watch list if it keeps the stronger emotional tones going that it has found in the last two weeks. The other’s are still just rolling along and are perfectly watchable and entertaining in their own way but I’ll probably forget them soon after the season ends.


Not Dropped But Close

  1.  Twin Star Exorcists
  2. Super Lovers
  3. Joker Game
  4. The Lost Village
  5. Rinne

Twin Star and Joker Game both picked up a bit this week, so maybe they are heading for a big finish. I love hopeless optimism sometimes. The Lost Village I’ve determined to watch to the end and then forget I ever heard of it. Super Lovers, I can’t decide if it is relaxing to watch or dull and that’s never a good sign. As for Rinne, I am falling further and further behind due to reluctance to watch the next episode.



  1. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless
  2. Big Order
  3. Flying Witch
  4. Hundred
  5. Cerberus
  6. Re:Zero
  7. Endride

I didn’t drop anything new this week. Yay! Let’s hope that that is true next week.

What are your thoughts on the current season? Favourites? Lost causes?

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