Spring Overview Week 7

This week’s thoughts on the Spring Season. And the dropping of shows continues. That said, I have now thoroughly picked up My Hero Academia and even though I’m a few episodes behind I will be adding it to the list. I’m also adding Assassination Classroom into the mix and I’ll try to keep my reviews on that up-to-date as I’ve been trailing by about a week.

Also, thinking of adding a list feature soon. Maybe sometime next month. Problem is, I want to have a lot of different ideas in place before I start that so I might mull it over a bit longer.


I Must Keep Watching

Same as last week, I am hooked on:

  1. Sailor Moon
  2. My Hero Academia
  3. Assassination Classroom

Sailor Moon was less impressive this week but I love how Chibi-Usa is coming along and, let’s be honest, I’m such a fan that it would have to seriously derail for me to move it down the list. I’ve added in My Hero Academia after starting it over the last week and I must say I’m loving it. Full of clichés but so full of charm at the same time. Assassination Classroom I’ve been watching consistently and enjoying but the last few weeks have really kicked it back onto my radar and I’d neglected to add it to the list previously.


Still On My Radar

I’m still actively watching the following shows and keen to know where they end but I’m also am aware I’m probably not going to recommend them as a must watch without a rapid improvement soon.

  1. Bungo Stray Dogs
  2. Shonen Maid
  3. The Asterisk War
  4. Kiznaiver

Bungo Stray Dogs and Shonen Maid have both taken a tumble this week. While Shonen Maid remains sweet and Bungo remains Bungo, neither story is doing enough to keep them in the must watch zone. I think Shonen Maid will be much better when its finished as a marathon when you just want to waste an afternoon with something sweet but not sickly. Week to week it just isn’t memorable enough.

Asterisk and Kiznaiver are still interesting and both have potential to really finish well but whether they do or not remains to be seen.


Not Dropped But Close

  1.  Twin Star Exorcists
  2. Super Lovers
  3. Joker Game
  4. The Lost Village
  5. Rinne

To be completely truthful, I’ve not watched the last episode of Rin-ne. I just keep finding better things to do, which does not spell good things for it staying on the list next week. You know, I’ll finally watch the episode and realise it was the game changing, amazing episode that I should have just got into. Twin Star, Super Lovers and Joker Game are all maintaining what they were doing but by this stage of the season that isn’t enough. They aren’t offering any reason to keep going other than, well you watched last week.

The Lost Village is an ongoing exercise in ‘Why?’ but it combines so many of my favourite things that I just keep hoping for a better show than it is. Plus, it ended on a cliff-hanger and much as they were hoping, I have to at least watch the start of the next episode.



  1. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless
  2. Big Order
  3. Flying Witch
  4. Hundred
  5. Cerberus
  6. Re:Zero
  7. Endride

So Tanaka-Kun and Big Order have hit the dropped list. I may actually still watch both but I just don’t know that I’m going to rush into the next episode and I probably won’t review them, unless they are either truly good or truly awful.

What are your thoughts on the current season?

8 thoughts on “Spring Overview Week 7

  1. I agree with Kiznaiver kind of squandering their potential. At this point I’m keeping expectations low so I don’t get disappointed.

    I’ve been meaning to pick up Crystal. Seeing as you’re really enjoying the show, I think I should get to it. I rather enjoy reading Boku no Hero and I finished Assassination Classroom, but I’m not sure I want to watch these two.

    Thank you for sharing your views.

  2. I didn’t realize Sailor Moon was still around. My kids used to watch it 20 years ago. Where do you find all your anime shows?

    1. Cruncyroll or AnimeLab. Sometimes Netflix. As a last resort, YouTube. THey rebooted Sailor Moon with Sailor Moon Crystal and while the first two seasons were okay but didn’t quite hit the mark, Season 3 of Crystal has been fantastic.

    2. I tend to use streaming website, have ad block on your browser though. The site I go to, uploads sailor moon in 1080p when airing on Monday (check in case to see when they’ve up loaded). After that they keep it at 720p.

      Here is the website: http://www.masterani.me/

  3. Tanaka-kun episode 7 was really entertaining imo, but maybe that’s because I’m a slice o’ life fan.

    Ugh… Twin Star Exorcist keeps trying to make me drop it, but it’s still hanging on. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to make it through all 50 episodes…

    1. I think the only way I’ll get through 50 episodes of it is if it dramatically improves, or if very little interest comes out next season.

      1. But there are some interesting shows next season… I hope that isn’t the case.

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