Spring Overview Week 11

Week 11 kind of fizzled and has slunk away quietly. Super Lovers is finished and other shows are wrapping.

At this late stage in the season there hasn’t been much movement on the list.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below.


I Must Keep Watching

Here we go again.

  1. My Hero Academia
  2. Assassination Classroom
  3. Sailor Moon Crystal

My Hero Academia really grabbed me this week and I’m glad I picked up this show. It is the highlight of my anime week at the moment. Admittedly, that doesn’t mean the show is without its flaws, but I’m just having a lot of fun watching it and that is enough.

Assassination Classroom was interesting in that it kind of broke from formula and hit us with a pretty standard boss fight, but the second half of the episode landed nicely and has kept this one amongst my favourite.

Lastly, Sailor Moon Crystal delivered a powerful and emotional episode that almost made up for the last two weeks of flatness. It is these moments that keep me in love with the series.


Still On My Radar

Once again these get mixed but don’t go anywhere. There’s enough good stuff in these shows to keep me watching but they aren’t consistent enough or enjoyable enough to really promote.

  1. Kiznaiver
  2. Shonen Maid
  3. Bungo Stray Dogs

Last week I said I was most keen to see where Bungo Stray Dogs went. This week, I saw where it went and that was exactly no-where. Truly disappointing which probably meant I haven’t judged it fairly but really, did anyone like this week’s episode?

Kiznaiver seems to finally be wanting to draw us in for an emotional climax though whether it will be worth it or not remains to be seen.

Shonen Maid just keeps being kind of sweet with a little bit of warmth. Though there are some indications that things may take a more serious tone, I don’t know that I’ll commit to that prediction. Still, episode 10 was definitely among my favourites. This season has been a little hit and miss at following logic in a lot of series.


Not Dropped But Close

  1. The Asterisk War
  2.  Twin Star Exorcists
  3. Super Lovers (Finished Airing)
  4. Joker Game
  5. The Lost Village (Finished Airing)
  6. Big Order (Finished Airing)

The whole review of Super Lovers is up and more will follow as series finish and I have a chance to consolidate my thoughts.

Mostly this week brought on a lot of ‘oh well’ kind of feelings as Lost Village meandered along , Big Order hobbled to the conclusion, Joker Game did it’s usual and Twin Star and Asterisk seemed determined to focus on the least interesting aspects of their own shows.



  1. Rinne
  2. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless
  3. Flying Witch
  4. Hundred
  5. Cerberus
  6. Re:Zero
  7. Endride

Left these alone but have conclusively dropped the shows on this list. No desire to pick them up at this point.

Where are you with the Spring season and what are your thoughts?

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