Spring 2017 Week 8

This week kind of didn’t go to plan in the real world at all so I’m thinking a lot of episodes this week will need a rewatch when I’m a little less distracted. That said, the Spring season is still going strong and I’m enjoying the shows I’ve stuck with. While the usually entertaining category has shrunk, mostly that’s because I currently have five must watch shows which is actually a record. Normally I have two or three shows that I am literally counting down the minutes to release and watching as soon as possible so having five in one season is pretty amazing.  Let me know your current thoughts on the season below.


Must Watch

Kado: The Right Answer (Episode 7)

That was a great follow up to episode 6 (I wish I hadn’t had to wait two weeks for it but it was pretty much worth it). This show continues to climb from strength to strength, introducing new ideas as needed and building on what has already been established. It all feels very logical and cohesive so far and hopefully they manage that through to the end.

Natsume Yuujinchou 6 (Episode 7)

With Eccentric Family picking up its game in this second half, Natsume might need to watch out. As much as I am in love with this series, not every episode is a gem, and this week’s offering was kind of average. Not the worst Natsume has offered in six seasons, but not exceptional either. While I still feel season 6 has overall been one of the better seasons of this show, going from strength to strength, it would be a shame to see the second half of the season to not finish on a high note.

My Hero Academia Season 2 (Episode 22)

Blown away this week. Literally. Just blown away. My review for episode 22 comes out tomorrow. I didn’t bother trying to cut it down. It’s 1000 words of gush. I loved this episode and following a couple of very good character episodes (even if we are watching a tournament fight that I don’t care who wins), this series is just getting better.

The Eccentric Family Season 2 (Episode 7)

That slightly more serious tone shift from episode 6 continued and this episode got dark. For a show about the daily life of a Tanuki just kind of seeking interesting experiences, this show really knows how to transition from those lighter moments to the more serious and it all makes the world these characters are living in feel a bit more grounded in reality even as they interact with supernatural creatures and use all manner of magical objects.

Attack on Titan Season 2 (Episode 9)

Attack on Titan this week delivered quite a lot of dialogue and yet so many characters were saying so many of the things I’ve wanted people to say to Eren for a long time, I just kind of loved it. Then again, on reflection, we know nothing new about anyone at the end of the episode other than the fact that Reiner’s grip on reality has really slipped and that Ymir has decided that teaming up with Eren is not in her best interest. Amazing how they managed to drag that out for twenty minutes without actually saying anything.


Usually Entertaining

Sagrada Reset (Episode 8)

It is amazing how fun it is when you’ve felt like you’ve been kept in the dark and you’ve come up with all those possible theories and one of them turns out to be true. That doesn’t actually improve this show overall given there’s still a lot of issues, but that moment of satisfaction feels totally worth it right now and will keep me going a couple more weeks.

The Royal Tutor (Episode 8)

Kai’s episode is pretty slow and not overly great but continues the general tone and flow of this show so overall this show has been pretty entertaining this season. I’m really glad I started it and stuck with it after the first episode. I was very iffy about whether I’d enjoy this at all.


Okay, I Guess

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (Episode 8)

Inconsistent is probably going to be my major criticism of this show when I finally review it in full. It has its moments of greatness and pure entertainment but they are sandwiched inbetween some really ordinary to poorly executed ones. This most recent episode hit a bit of both and really just made it clear why this series isn’t exactly thrilling me despite having some half decent ideas.

WorldEnd (Episode 7)

And another show that inconsistent is probably the best description I can give it. The great moments are there but then there’s a lot of down time inbetween and I’m just not sure that overall this is entertaining so much as frustrating.

The Laughing Salesman (Episode 8)

This has continued on with pretty much the same tone. I’m enjoying the watch through of it and it is different from the other shows I’m still following so I quite look forward to each new episode. That said, it isn’t exactly going out of its way to be amazing. It’s just doing its thing.

Grimoire of Zero (Episode 7)

Episode 6 of this was quite interesting and episode 7 continues that interesting trend. I may even need to start moving this up the list if Granblue and The Silver Guardian don’t do something in the next episode or two. It would be nice if this show could have a strong finish. It still won’t be my favourite ever but it could certainly be entertaining enough if it goes somewhere interesting.

Granblue Fantasy (Episode 9)

The only reason Granblue Fantasy isn’t at the bottom of this list is because I like the characters more in this than the ones in The Silver Guardian. They don’t have all that much personality, but they are more likeable. Basically, this show continues to be watchable but pretty ordinary in every respect.

The Silver Guardian (Episode 9)

The downward slide of this show continues. That’s three episodes in a row that have been barely watchable. Any remaining curiosity I had about how we get to what we saw in the first episode has pretty much been killed off. If this doesn’t do something interesting next week I’m almost positive I’ll have reached my limit on this one.


They Made This

Nothing this week.


Tried and Dropped

Alice & Zoroku (Episode 6)

Sword Oratoria (Episode 5)

Tsukigakirei (Episode 2)

Eromanga Sensei (Episode 2)

Armed Girls Machiavellism (Episode 2)

Sakura Quest (Episode 1)

Love Tyrant (Episode 1)

Clockwork Planet (Episode 1)

Which ending are you most looking forward to?

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Karandi James.


8 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Week 8

  1. Nice list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’m quite happy to see that most of your reactions and reviews coincide with mine (or viceversa). It’s as if reading your posts is putting into words what I feel but am unable to write down.

    That’s why, I look very forward to reading your reactions at Re:Creators, when you will be able to watch it. I love it, but mine is quite the biased opinion, everything that somehow resemble Fate/ or has Otaku as main characters already get a great boost.

    Kado made me wait two weeks, but damn if it was worth it. I would kill for a Sansa, and next episode’s title sounds promising, as it seems a new tool will be introduced (I think). Not to mention, Tsukai’s cuteness was overloading in this episode. That alone is enough for me (ok, maybe not, but you get the gist of it).

    For the rest… I could copy your thoughts and past them here as they are pretty much what I think too (with the exception of Sagrada: I didn’t even think of a theory, as my switch went off for few episodes some time ago, nice to see you got one right though).

    Ok, now I can return wasting my time on Reddit, Youtube and Blog- I meant studying.

    1. Kado was definitely worth the wait (still not happy about the wait though).
      The more I read about Re:Creators the more I want to see it. Pretty much that means I’ve got Drifters, Scum’s Wish and Re:Creators to find once they actually become available in some other format.

      1. Hoho. Drifters, Kuzu no Honkai and Re:Creators?! Well, I assure you, you’re in for a great ride (heck, I wouldn’t even believe that you didn’t find any of them good). I really like all of them, especially Re:Creators and Drifters, but that’s mainly because they got the “Fate/ like” bonus from me.

        I too would have liked to not wait, but after watching Shirobako and reading about the condition of actual anime industry, I can’t really say much. I just wish for the actual production system to be revised for the better.

        1. I more have issues with distribution and liscencing. Neither of these really understand the concept of globalisation yet.

          1. Yeah… I would use the official channel available here… if they limited a commercial per episode and actually subbed the episode within a day or two. You don’t call something that comes a week after “simulcast”.

            You’re a man of virtue, keep it up (or fall into the dark side, I’ll welcome you).

  2. Sorry to hear things haven’t been going well in the real world. Hope things will get better soon. I’m actually a bit behind. Haven’t seen Kado and Attack on Titan yet. There this little show pretty much underheard of called Yuri on Ice that has kept me distracted from things a bit. Maybe you have heard of that series?
    In all seriousness, hope to get back to Kado tomorrow or on tuesday…so will let yiu know what I thought of it later (but reading your response to it, I pretty much know that I am going to like it 😊).

  3. “Blown away this week. Literally. Just blown away. My review for episode 22 comes out tomorrow. I didn’t bother trying to cut it down. It’s 1000 words of gush.”

    YESSSSSS I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one. I really want to see what you have to say on it.

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