Spring 2017 Week 5

Well it has been an incredibly busy week with the anniversary and all, if you missed any posts they are all tagged anniversary so please check them out, particularly the follower features. However, regardless of what else I’m doing, the Spring anime season is marching on and there have been some great shows to check out this week so below is my list and my current thoughts. Love to know what you are watching and how you feel about them so be sure to comment.


Must Watch

Natsume Yuujinchou 6 (Episode 4)

Natsume delivered a great part one of a story this week and given my favourite exorcist has made an appearance in this episode I’m pretty thrilled. So far this series is giving me exactly what I was looking for in another season of the show so I have no complaints.

Kado: The Right Answer (Episode 5)

Kado may very well pass Natsume on my list of must watch shows next week. It isn’t that there is anything wrong with Natsume, more that Natsume always maintains a nice, sweet story, whereas Kado gets just a little more thrilling each episode. My only concern is where Kado may end up going because Natsume will end well, I already know that from experience, and Kado may very well derail itself as so many anime do. Still, loved this episode and love how the tension continues to build in this series.

Attack on Titan Season 2 (Episode 6)

Another show that may just topple Natsume next week. Episode 6 was pretty thrilling and the reveals were fantastic. While the first season started strong and then kind of meandered, season 2 is taking the opposite approach as it builds just a little bit more each episode. If this continues for the whole season, this is going to be a great watch.

The Eccentric Family Season 2 (Episode 4)

This is still a must watch but I have to admit in terms of which show is moving along and getting me excited for the next episode, Attack on Titan is definitely stronger at this point. Still loving the relaxed approach to narrative this show has and the characters are fantastic, but it doesn’t really drive forward as it is happy just to meander along its own path. That makes the experience fun but individual episodes less striking.


Usually Entertaining

My Hero Academia Season 2 (Episode 19)

This was a fairly nothing episode if you think about grander plots and the like and yet I thoroughly enjoyed this transition between the second and third competition in the tournament. The character moments were well handled and because we moved between several different groups and scenes it never felt like it was standing still but rather like we were still driving forward. This second season is still being quite fun and I’m hoping it continues.

WorldEnd (Episode 4)

I’m thinking by the end of this show I’m going to want a rewrite. Take all the good parts of it that have been engaging and fascinating, cut out some of the filler cute moments and the parts that just kind of feel like they are there for the obligatory light novel adaptation check list, maybe trim down the cast though we’ll see if all of these characters actually do serve a point or not, and repackage the whole thing as WorldEnd: Will You Watch if We Remove the clichés? Despite that, I’m still enjoying this quite a lot so I’m guessing my complaints are pretty half-hearted.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (Episode 5)

This episode continued to be surprisingly good. I really do have to write episode 1 off as an anomaly at this point and just accept that this show is actually entertaining. It isn’t brilliant and you are certainly going to encounter a whole barrage of clichés, but it does the job and is actually kind of decent at times. As a definite plus, the world continues to be more fleshed out and there’s some quite interesting back story coming into play. The minus would be the radical re-characterisation of the protagonist after episode 1.

Sagrada Reset (Episode 5)

While Sagrada remains very intriguing, it is becoming increasingly problematic in terms of delivery (and it already had enough problems with characterisation and pacing so it really didn’t need to add in any more issues). There’s still hope that this show might be quite good but episodes 4 and 5 have kind of left me thinking this show is going to end up more of a failed attempt at something and I’m not sure yet what that something is.


Okay, I Guess

The Royal Tutor (Episode 5)

This one is now firmly entrenched. Much like The Laughing Salesman, this is pretty set in its position. There’s certainly the mystery of who Heine is that could become quite an interesting plot point, or the show might just give us more semi-funny/semi-sweet family moments between the princes and either way I’ll probably enjoy it enough but it isn’t really making me fall in love with it. Definitely watchable and cute, but that’s all.

The Silver Guardian (Episode 6)

This show is surprisingly decent. It would be better, I think, just to watch it in one hit. Given the short run time on each episode and the fact that it is one continuous story, watching it in a binge fashion would probably make it far more entertaining, but at episode 6 this is actually pretty okay.

The Laughing Salesman (Episode 5)

While I think other shows will bounce either above or below this title, it is pretty set in its position at this point. There are a few interesting ideas that might later be explored or it may remain episodic and either way this is watchable but not exceptional.

Granblue Fantasy (Episode 6)

There’s only so many times you can say that something is mostly harmless before you realise it really is just bland and there’s not a lot of reason to continue watching. That said, I won’t drop this show, but it is certainly falling down the list, not because the quality got any worse, but just because I get a little less enjoyment from this particular slice of nothing each week.

Grimoire of Zero (Episode 4)

Episode 4 is kind of good in building tension and drawing the audience in to anticipating what is coming, but doesn’t really do anything else (we learn a tiny bit more about magic and some of the character background but not in any depth). This series remains watchable and there are a few signs that it might be able to build a half decent narrative, but at the moment is still just kind of nothing.

Alice & Zoroku (Episode 5)

Mid-season final battle? Kind of felt like they were wrapping up the whole story in this one episode so wondering what the plan is going forward. More importantly, one of the reasons I actually wanted to keep going with this show, to find out what the whole shady organisation was up to, kind of just got punctured and tossed to the side. They could revive this plot line but it seems like they effectively shoved it to the side in favour or Sana learning how to be a cute girl who sings to plants.


They Made This

Sword Oratoria (Episode 4)

Episode 3 I nearly dropped this into this category and at episode 4, while I am really close to just outright dropping this, my questions about why this even exists remain. Ais is so incredibly boring. Loki as a goddess is absurd (even more than Hestia because at least Hestia was kind of amusing and cute even while clearly being fanservice bait and little else). None of the other characters have given me any reason to care about them. And what is the story? DanMachi it was clear that Bell wanted to be a hero and an adventurer (even if part of his motive was to pick up girls). The story was about him getting stronger. Every episode contributed in some way to his growth as a character and every encounter led to that outcome. What is Sword Oratoria about? Girls who don’t understand the function of armour wandering about and occasionally fighting monsters? This is an unfocussed mess and I am nearly done with it.


Tried and Dropped

Tsukigakirei (Episode 2)

Eromanga Sensei (Episode 2)

Armed Girls Machiavellism (Episode 2)

Sakura Quest (Episode 1)

Love Tyrant (Episode 1)

Clockwork Planet (Episode 1)

Which sequels are you watching and which ones have made the strongest impressions on you so far?

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16 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Week 5

  1. Kado really continues to be a big surprise. I can’t even quite put my finger to it, why this one is so enjoyable to watch. It is pretty slow, but still every episode just draws you into the storyline. And with so many things still unanswered, I just really can’t wait to find out more. And to think I really stumbled across this one by pure accident. That’s what aes it even more great 😊

    1. Kado is definitely a surprise and I know even when I’m describing it, it doesn’t sound like it should be that interesting, but it is.

  2. Yay! Kado is so good right now and so is Attack on titan. I also generally agree with you on their ranking. There is a lot of good things going on this season :).

    1. This season has been great so far. I know that’s just my opinion but I’ve really found a lot of shows I am thoroughly enjoying.

  3. Fully agree with Seikaisuru Kado and Shingeki no Kyojin, although Natsume Yuujinchou keeps a very high quality each episode, I personally prefer the ones where you have peaks (if possible without lows) in terms of narration and story.

    Though as a blind and faithful believer of Military Uniform Princess, Re:Creators will stay always on my top. I hope you will enjoy it as mush as I do when you will get the possibility to watch it. I have to say that my faith wavered during last episode, but by the end of it I was ready to build a temple for it.

    Your reviews are so enjoyable to read that I actually wish to see your reaction about some… particular anime of this season that just make you want to ask the meaning of your existence.

    1. I decided not to put myself through watching shows I hated this season after Hand Shakers last season. Maybe next season I’ll pick up something I dislike again just for the novelty of it.

      1. As interesting it may be, I wouldn’t wish anyone to watch a show they don’t like.

        I now understand how tempting dropping is. With the blog, I have far less time than before and need to cut down some unnecessary things.

        I’m actually thinking of starting to drop… I shudder at the idea. I don’t even know how and why the heck I’m so obsessed with watching as many series as possible.

        I feel like an existential crisis is happening within me. Well, have a good day/night, as I have to leave for battlefield/reality once again. I hope to find the time to write about Kado and Snk soon…

  4. I rewatched Kado and read some of your posts throughout the Spring concerning it and started to slowly warm up to the series. I just wanted to thank you for writing about it to give me that extra nudge to go on and do that

    1. No problem. I hope you end up enjoying it, but I get that it is a lot of talking and visually it isn’t for everyone.

  5. I might be crazy but I thought that the recent episode of MHA was one of it’s best. I know I’m a bit obsessed with character psychology but Todoroki is just as fantastically interesting as Bakugo in my opinion. Normally an episode like this in the middle of a tournament arc would annoy me but I spent most of the time delving into Todoroki’s mind and extrapolating.

    And as for the other show I’m following, Attack on Titan, I must say I disagree. While I’m still enjoying myself, the season has been on a bit of a downward trend. I thoroughly enjoyed episode 5 because some of the action sequences were fantastic but it only serves to mask some of the nonsensical things going on. It’s not a sticking point for me but it gets on my nerves and hampers my enjoyment somewhat.

    I should probably try starting KADO, everyone seems to like it.

    1. I really enjoyed this week’s episode of My Hero Academia. If there were more episodes like it to follow, the show will probably jump into a Must Watch for me rather than simply enjoyable. Problem is, the show likes being cute too much to really stick on any of the serious issues the characters have for too long. Isn’t a bad thing but it makes it more entertaining than thought provoking most weeks.
      Yeah, Attack on Titan is pretty nonsensical at times but I accepted that back during season 1. I’ve been enjoying the characters far more this season and like that it feels like it is building up to something. Plus the action is still very cool.

  6. I found Armed Girls Machiavellisme, interesting until last week, but I decided to dropped it, since that it’s going no where, the second half might be better. Nomura is an interesting character, but it’s not enough for me to keep going with the show.

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