Spring 2016

Well we’re a few weeks into the Spring 2016 anime season and there have been some surprises, some disappointments, a few delays, and a lot of information being shared about the anime.

This blog is going to follow some of the anime out this season and offer an episode by episode review with the occasional retro review thrown in, whenever I have the time. As the title indicates, I’m going to try to keep the reviews to 100 words.

I’m not going to back track and review the first episodes but I may include a short overview this week.


Some of the anime I’ll be looking at and when (kind of):

Kiznaiver (Sundays)

The Asterisk War (Mondays)

Sailor Moon Crystal (Tuesdays)

Joker Game (Wednesdays)

Super Lovers (Thursdays)

Bungo Stray Dogs (Fridays)

Lost Village (Saturdsays)

And when I have time or think about them:

Twin Star Exorcists

Flying Witch

Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless

Big Order

Rin-ne Season 2


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