Spiritpact Episode 9



There were two or three moments while watching this episode of Spiritpact where I found myself unable to even breathe as I watched the characters in their current struggle. The story hasn’t got any more coherent (I barely understand why they are actually fighting at this point), but somewhere along the way I actually started really caring about these characters. That’s quite an achievement given after episode 1 I really just wanted to see how long it would take before Tanmoku decided just to kill Keika given how irritating he was. I’m not sure when the transition occurred or why but right now, Keika’s fate is something I’m very much invested in and this episode was an incredibly tense watch as a result. I still can’t believe he cut the string. Of all the things I thought he might do in that situation, cutting the string did not feature. Next episode please?

Spiritpact is available on Crunchyroll.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritpact Episode 9

  1. Darn, I shouldn’t have read this! I have been waiting for more eps to be available all at once instead of being forced to wait every week. I really have been liking this show!

    1. Yeah, it is definitely building momentum. I really want the next episode because it feels like things are moving really well lately.

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