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We pick up directly from last episode with the family collecting Tanmoku from the site of the accident and a lot of blame being thrown at Keika. For various reasons a hospital is out of the question and a complex ritual needs to be performed and then for some reason we’ll just leave Tanmoku all alone in a room.


Anyway, Keika gets given some new clothes that apparently Tanmoku prepared for him previously, so we go from green to blue and it matches the thing Tanmoku tied in his hair so that kind of visually works. Tanmoku’s fiancĂ©e helps Keika escape from a barrier and sends him to Tanmoku just in time to face off with the red youma guy again.

This episode moves quick and is enjoyable but my core issue with the story is that they’ve never once explained exactly what a spirit shadow can and can’t do, or should and should not be able to do. Therefore, when things get really rough, Keika pulling out some new power or move is essentially a get out of jail free card for the writers because the audience can’t deny the possibility, but at the same time it makes for a fairly unsatisfying way to tell a story. No situation has real consequence because you know the two main characters will somehow live through it, and there’s magic. Unexplained and so far reasonably unlimited magic. Yes, at times its extracted a toll and no one will claim it is consequence free but what situation would it not help them in? We don’t know, because they haven’t put any limits on what can be accomplished. So, here’s Keika at the end of the episode after yet another wardrobe change though this time he didn’t physically change outfits. Yep, magic happens.


That said, this episode continues to improve on the series as a whole and Keika’s almost become a tolerable character.

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