Spiritpact Episode 6



Keika has apparently now been dead for 7 days so Tanmoku takes him back to his home where he gets to see hone is neighbours mourning him. While there are one or two throw-a-way moments, this episode continues with the character and relationship building we saw really take off last week. Intrigues and mysteries abound and while some information is revealed by the relatives later in the episode, what that information means is still pretty much being kept quiet from the audience.


With the more serious tone becoming dominant, the relationship between Keika and Tanmoku sitting front and centre, and a mystery that seams worth getting into, Spiritpact is definitely getting better as it goes. And the ending of this episode really doesn’t allow you to walk away though I won’t spoil it.

Spiritpact is available on Crunchyroll.

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3 thoughts on “Spiritpact Episode 6

  1. You’re right in saying the mystery part of it is getting pretty worthwhile now. I think this is the episode Kimmie was waiting for (for more than one reason) because she saw me get genuinely intrigued for the first time while watching this.

    1. The last two episodes have definitely been a bit of a step up in terms of doing something with the premise. It’s a shame it took this long before they seemed to realise that they need to do something other than have an annoying spirit floating around.

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