Spiritpact Episode 5



This episode was good.

That is a terrible sentence but it kind of needed to be said. After the first four episodes all had interesting elements and parts that worked, but were pretty tragically delivered, episode 5 finally seemed to get the right combination of elements and was actually just good. Not slightly intriguing underneath the rubbish, but good in its own right.


This episode has some inter-family rivalry (which has carried over from the previous episodes but here it works really well and you finally start to piece together the alliances and rivals). Certainly this is going to carry on and that could work quite well for the overall plot provided they don’t go back to info-dumping and terrible foreshadowing.


They also finally started to explain what Tanmoku’s role is, given us a repeat of some darker foreshadowing there, and while they were at it severely upped the romantic vibe between the two leads which somehow managed to offset Keika’s more annoying personality traits.


Then after the drama of the ceremony and family stuff we get back to Tanmoku’s normal life and that was quite a contrast to the events prior to this. It’s giving us a fresh perspective on the previously fairly stern and serious character.

All and all, this was a great episode to watch.

Spiritpact is available on Crunchyroll.

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