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Episode 4 of Spiritpact kind of shows off the best and worst that this series has had to offer. The first third of the episode is decidedly the worst of this show as they showcase Keika being his absolute most idiotic with some poor humour (because why not go for the cliche) and very little point other than giving the audience one bit of information that we know will become significant later on (only it turns out it is going to be significant in the next 5 minutes because that’s how you foreshadow apparently). It’s very tedious. Then the next part of the episode takes off.


Last week there was a character introduced who I was pretty sure existed just to be an antagonist, well much like info dump from first third of this episode, they decide to reveal his antagonism in this episode (because why wait and build up to something) but the fight between him and Keika is actually kind of cool and there’s a few interesting moments. The resolution to this episode is also pretty well done.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritpact Episode 4

  1. My review on this is still pending me finding 30 uninterrupted minutes or so to write, but I agree that this series has no idea how to do subtlety or build the narrative in an organic way.

    One thing to look out for is Keika’s connection to Rangetsu. Those visions strongly suggest there is some kind of parallel, furthered by Ritsu’s shock that he can use the sword. I think only Ki (and maybe grandma) knows anymore than the rest of them do about who/what Keika is.

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