Spiritpact Episode 3



We finally arrived at Tanmoku’s place (mountain) and we meet the extended family and servants who live there including this guy who is clearly just being introduced to become an antagonist in the next couple of episodes.


There’s no subtlety in this scene at all and while in another show the intra-family tensions might be quite intriguing here they just seem like a distraction from what is clearly a bigger story.


Keika of course gets himself into trouble during the night when he is attacked by spirits and there’s a connection between Tanmoku and one of those spirits but in this case they just don’t let us see the full encounter between the two so we’re not really sure what the full story is. I guess that’s one way of building intrigue but it isn’t the best approach.

Visually this week was much better than either episodes 1 or 2 but the character introductions were sloppy at best.

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Karandi James.


3 thoughts on “Spiritpact Episode 3

  1. There was indeed a lot to get through in this ep, and the sloppy character introductions were a clear sign that they were trying to cram a lot in. Eventwise all they did was go to the mountain and Keika passed his time on the roof, but Kimmie and I had to watch this twice to absorb everything they were trying to do with the dialogue.

    If they’re trying to do this much background work now, it makes me feel like they want to jump into something engaging soon.

    1. I’m hoping they move onto something soon because they’ve got all the pieces for a good show but still aren’t delivering one. It’s a good thing the premise definiely made me curious because from an execution point of view I should have dropped this one.

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