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It is really strange sometimes what makes someone laugh. While most of the comedies this season I’ve dismissed because they just don’t work for me, I picked this show up because it was laughably bad. And then episode 2 actually made me laugh because it was genuinely funny at moments.

spiritpact2dspiritpact2ePart of this came with the introduction of Shin Shiyou, Tanmoku’s fiancee (though it seems like that is pretty much in name and on paper only – unless that softening at the end indicates it might be something more). She’s as flawed a character as the others taken individually but adding her to the mix has changed the dynamic from last week and somehow it works.

The visuals are still hiedously ugly at times though.


Maybe it is meant to be amusing but mostly I just kind of wondered how that ever made it into a final episode. Anyway, if you weren’t entirely put off by episode 1, episode 2 is worth checking out because it has definitely improved (though when you are already mostly on rock bottom almost anything would be an improvement).

Spiritpact is available on Crunchyroll.

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3 thoughts on “Spiritpact Episode 2

  1. I enjoy the humor in this one too. All the moments between Shiyou and Keika are great. It’s good that something this season is getting laughs out of you as well.

    This might be the start of Spiritpact’s climb up toward halfway decent this season. The manhua author is saying that it gets really good, but that is the author, so…

    1. I was very surprised by how much I liked the second episode of this. If it could make it to half-decent that would be nice surprise for the season.

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