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I really wish we knew going in how many episodes an anime was going to have. I don’t know if this was the final episode or not, but it really felt like a season finale. Okay, we still have loose ends and plots drifting about giving plenty of sequel fodder, but this episode resolved a few major issues from this season. We now know why Tanmoku made Keika his spirit shadow and why he went to such lengths to keep him alive. Keika finally became useful and even found the sheath to the sword (and hey there was some purpose to earlier actions afterall).


Tanmoku got his power back and let off some steam (I wonder why everytime someone uses massive amounts of power mountains end up looking like a crescent moon). Surely they’d just collapse. And then Keika and Tanmoku kiss right before Tanmoku passes out pinning Keika to the floor. All and all, this feels like a pretty satisfying conclusion even while I’d wonder if a season 2 was ever on the cards. However, I’ve been unable to find out if this actually is the final episode. I’d actually be disappointed if there were 2 or 3 more episodes. There isn’t enough time to really build up another threat and how do you top mountain destroying power?

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4 thoughts on “Spiritpact Episode 10

  1. I believe this is the last episode. The chinese ONA was 20 episodes at 14 minutes a piece, so 10 episodes sounds about right for this.

    It was a pretty good finale, I think. It answered all the important questions in a pretty satisfying way and I liked the story they finally revealed with Ki’s decision to choose Keika.

    Was it still the surprise of the season for you?

    1. Definiteloy the surprise fo the season and if that was the last episode that’s a pretty solid way to end for a show that started out in my ‘They made this’ category. Now I want to know when they plan to make a sequel because I’d love more of this.

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