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You Keika is a fortune teller who is very down on his luck and then proceeds to be killed in a traffic accident. Enter Tanmoku Ki who is apparently an exorcist who asks You to form a pact with him. No details given about what the pact actually entails.


It’s like watching a bus go off a bridge in slow motion right before it hits the water and then you watch the splash glistening in the sunlight. There’s no other way to describe this show. It is terrible. It is not well written, the main character is more or less completely unlikable and that’s before he becomes a spirit, visually it makes some questionable choices, and even at the end of the episode we’re totally in the dark about what a spiritpact actually is other than a pact with a spirit. Despite that, I was kind of entertained and once again we have the potential for a dark supernatural plot. And yes, I know this is exactly what I said about Hitori no Shita’s first episode and second episodes and I know terrible that was by the end. Still, I want to know about the pact. I want to know about the exorcist. And if the story makes me care enough that I actually want to know then it had to have done something right even if it was only appeal to my fascination with b-grade movies. Although saying this was b-grade might be complimenting it a bit too much. It’s kind of hideous and so far I really kind of hate every character in it.


Spiritpact is available on Crunchyroll.

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15 thoughts on “Spiritpact Episode 1

  1. I have watched the full anime Chinese version and even read hundred chapters of the manhua. What I can say about this anime series is that it actually has a good storyline. The first few episodes aren’t good because they crammed and altered the story flow from the manhua but the story will improve a lot after episode 5.

    1. I read some of the manhua recently and it seemed like it might use what occurs to the idiot spirit guy as a means to explain more about the spirit world. However, I didn’t get very far into it before I was distracted by some other graphic story. I might pick it up again once I finish some of the completed series that I am currently working on, such as Love So Life and Noblesse.

    1. I didn’t find it boring, at least not when compared to some of the ‘romances’ that have come out. I was genuinely interested in the content. The delivery however was absolutely dreadful which kind of ruins the viewing experience.

    1. I seldom pay attention to which studio does what (except BONES), but with this I actually bothered to go and see what other delights this studio had produced and realised that everyone that I had watched had been more or less a trainwreck.

      1. Are they a Chinese company? They seem to have a lot of shows with Chinese names. And yeah, after Bloodivores and Cheating Craft I don’t suppose you would have much faith in them.

        Bus crash glistening in the sunlight… that was kind of a perfect way to describe this. It’s terrible but there is something there that gets you to look at it. Keika is pretty unlikable but he has the most personality of the, what.. 3? (2 by the end?) characters they showed. I want to see how he adapts to his new role, which the show isn’t very clear about what that really is, and if working with Ki will reinvigorate his pride as an exorcist.

        1. I guess even a terrible personality is better than the one note personality the villain had this episode or Ki who had pretty much no personality during the episode.

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