Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 8: The Spirit, The Ceremony, and the Looming Disaster


Tanmoku Ki holds the ceremony but between his emotional and physical turmoil things aren’t going to be easy. And yet, worse awaits these characters as the anime seems to be getting ready to go into its final episodes.


Keika has definitely had a run of being very cool this season. Which given he was such a disaster of a character in early season 1, is kind of surprising. Yet now, we get these incredibly sweet moments between him and Tanmoku where Keika is exactly what Tanmoku needs to get through some incredibly emotionally taxing situations. Still, possibly forcibly holding Tanmoku down during the ceremony and kissing him (okay, exchanging spiritual energy) was not the brightest move, but it can’t be denied it was effective.


Still, the ongoing drama with Tanmoku’s past continue and the manipulation Keika suffered earlier in the series comes back in a fairly decent manner to really escalate what is already a pretty tense situation. Unfortunately, that means we end the episode on a cliff-hanger. However, for those watching this anime for the relationship between the two main characters, this episode was definitely a delight. For everyone else, the plot is moving along at a nice clip at this point without feeling rushed and it definitely feels like it is heading somewhere.


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8 thoughts on “Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 8: The Spirit, The Ceremony, and the Looming Disaster

    1. The first episode of the first season is dreadful, and it stays pretty bad for half the first season. Then somehow it suddenly starts getting better and it has just kept improving every since.

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